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Angela Herrero Marin


A pharmacist by profession. Ángela has specialized theoretically and practically as a birth assistant. She gives talks and workshops to pregnant women to help them understand all the aspects of the process. She also provides physical and emotional accompaniment, as well as dissemination through digital media of its knowledge.

About the author

She graduated as a Pharmacy and Parapharmacy Technician at the Tres Olivos School in Madrid (2011).

She has completed the Doula training for Quiero ser Doula (2019) and the Lactation Consultant training for Edulacta (2020). In 2020 she also completed the Hypnobirthing training for Conscious Childbirth.

As a result of being a mother, Ángela knows all needs of motherhood and the importance of having support, and physical and emotional accompaniment during this process. She decided to set aside all her years of pharmacy experience to undertake his new project. Since then, she has accompanied dozens of women in their different stages of motherhood, such as pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

Currently, she's teaching different online workshops on breastfeeding and accompanies mothers in their pregnancy groups. She also shares her knowledge of maternity, lactation, gestation, and parenting on different digital media platforms. In addition to this, she works as an editor and community manager on platforms related to these areas.

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