Editorial policy

The abundant amount of data on the Internet about health and family life can make decision-making complicated. Therefore, our goal is concrete: To provide you with information that’s reliable, easy to understand, and oriented toward improving your family’s well-being in the parenting process.

Our editorial vision

We’re a free information portal for mothers and fathers. We use an accessible, warm, and reliable language to transmit knowledge about maternity and paternity that can resolve frequent doubts that our readers have.

As there’s a lot of information for mothers and fathers on the internet and it’s difficult to find sources that are based on scientific and validated data, You Are Mom aims to be that trusted space for families to resolve doubts about pregnancy, parenting, health, education, and family relationships.

You’ll find in our portal a kind of positive information to take care of your family. We want you to make the right decisions about your health and the health of your family.

Our values

You Are Mom’s values are behind all of the content we publish. Among them, one of the most important is trust. We want the mothers and fathers who read us to feel that they can find accurate and true information. The other value we prioritize is quality. Our content has an intrinsic value that differentiates it from other content on the web. The information we publish is validated by professionals and provides useful

In our approach, we want to promote the value of closeness and familiarity. We use a language that any mother and father can understand.

Finally, we have the value of inclusion. We know that each family has its particularities and, therefore, we don’t suggest one-size-fits-all recipes. Our information is contextualized and contemplates all varieties of families. We don’t judge the lifestyle of your family.

Our voice

To communicate with moms and dads, at You Are Mom we use a voice that has these characteristics:

  • Empathetic: We’re people who make content for other people. Therefore, we understand the particularities of different situations and we put ourselves in the shoes of adults who are looking to have a child or who already have them. We know that there are many doubts and that friendly advice can make all the difference in these stages.
  • Guidance: We’re a voice that guides and helps in the family process. We don’t impose a single vision or claim to have the absolute truth about parenting. Our advice is oriented to improve the quality of family life so that all members of the family can develop fully.
  • Reliable: At You Are Mom, we take extreme care in the quality of our content. Therefore, our voice is reliable and we give certainty to our readers. On our portal, you can be sure that what’s published has been reviewed and approved by professionals.
  • Free of prejudice: We deliberately avoid expressions that may encourage stigma or discrimination. We speak to families who are in different stages and processes.

We don’t seek to generate fear or alarm, but to inspire positive action.

Our team

You Are Mom has a team of professionals from different areas related to maternity and parenthood. We have doctors, nurses, educators, psychologists, nutritionists, educational psychologists, and more, who are updated in their field of knowledge and who are willing to share information in a pleasant, simple, and understandable way.

Scientific sources are frequently consulted by our editorial team. In this way, they guarantee the quality of the contents we publish. In addition to the experience that their profession has given them in dealing with children and adults.

Our editorial process

The selection of content to be published at You Are Mom begins with a detailed search by a dedicated team in order to determine the topics that are most relevant to families. We’re interested in proposals that add value to family life and resolve the respecific doubts of our readers.

Regarding health news, we make a special selection. Our team researches on a daily basis the health news that could be fundamental for your life.

We prioritize original, non-repetitive, and positive topics for our readers. Once the topics have been established, our team of professional editors elaborates a complete, updated, scientifically valid, and empathetic text. We don’t tolerate plagiarism, so before publication, a group of editors checks that the text complies with our values and expresses the voice of You Are Mom. If quality meets out expectations, then the content is published on our website.

All the filters we apply before don’t stop once content is published, as there are new revisions that happen over time. Periodically, part of the team reviews the published content in order to update it, add new information, and refine the message we bring to mothers and fathers. This content auditing is constant and, in the case of current news, involves renewing the data according to the evolution of stories in progress.

Our verification labels

In You Are Mom’s publications, you’ll find the following 2 labels that indicate the degree of verification of the information:

  • Fact checked: If our article has this label, it means that the content is based on reliable scientific and academic sources. In the final bibliography section, you’ll be able to corroborate these sources.
  • Evidence based: This label designates a higher verification value than the previous one. It means that most of the sources in the bibliography are scientific studies that have their own validation process by specialized journals.


Here at You are Mom,we strive to provide you with educational and informative information related to pregnancy, parenting and other topics related to motherhood. However, it is important to note that our content should not replace professional diagnosis, advice or treatment.

Each person and situation is unique, and what works for one person may not be right for another. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns about your or your child’s health, we recommend that you consult with a trusted specialist before making any decisions.

Remember that the information provided on our website is a general guide only, and cannot replace the opinion of a healthcare professional – we are here to provide you with information and support, but you should always consult with a specialist to get the best advice for you and your family!

Comments, suggestions and corrections

At You Are Mom, we’re delighted to receive any comments and suggestions you’d like to send us. Your participation improves our portal, allows us to improve the quality of contents, and keeps us updated on what’s most useful to you.

The communications you send us will be reviewed as soon as possible and will be taken into account. Write to us through our contact page.