6 Storage Ideas for Your Baby's Room

When it comes to storage ideas for your baby's room, there are many different models, colors and styles of furniture to choose from. You can adjust them according to your preferences and needs.
6 Storage Ideas for Your Baby's Room

Last update: 21 November, 2018

In this article you’ll find practical storage ideas to help make the best use of space in your baby’s room.

Among the many preparations you’ll have to make as the big day approaches, is setting up the baby’s room. It must provide both comfort and functionality.

6 amazing storage ideas for your baby’s room

Choosing a cabinet for your baby’s room is important for comfort and safety. It should also be durable: the functionality of new designs have made it possible to maintain this furniture as children grow.

Choose among the various elements and storage ideas that exist to optimize your baby’s room. Here are some of the best options:

1. Closet, chest of drawers, and a shelf

This multipurpose furniture can be used to store children’s clothes, as well as their sheets and blankets. In addition, it has a shelving area where you can place towels, diapers and all the accessories you need to care for your baby.

You can get them made in different materials and styles, which you can use and adjust according to the decorations in your baby’s room.

2. Closet with drawers and doors

This excellent storage idea for your baby’s room works well in smaller rooms, since it saves space. It has doors where you can store your child’s clothes and accessories.

This closet also has accessible drawers where you can store diapers and tools that you use frequently. It can be arranged vertically or horizontally so that you can take advantage of the space in your baby’s room.

6 Storage Ideas for Your Baby's Room

3. Auxiliary cabinet

If you want something smaller but with great functionality, an auxiliary cabinet is a safe option. They look like a table with drawers and doors where you can store clothes, sheets, towels, blankets and everything else you need for your baby.

These cabinets are made of wood, so you can decorate it according to the style you want. They’re lightweight and fit anywhere.

4. Changing dresser

Some dressers and cabinets come with a changing table. Some of them fold away for storage. In these models, the lid opens when you need to change the little one’s diaper. It folds when not in use.

In addition, these dressers have drawers in which you can store clothes and accessories to care for your baby. Best of all: it can be kept for years since it can double as a game table or desk.

5. Built-in baby cabinets

Another excellent alternative, although a little radical, is a cabinet for your baby’s room that is built into it. You can design it according to your specific needs.

It also allows you to take into account the size of the bedroom. Without a doubt, it’s an economic idea and adaptable to any space.

Some advantages of this option include:

  • Easily decorated with paint, decorative paper, blackboards, etc.
  • Versatile, so you can make them with drawers, doors or shelves.
  • Can be accessible to children as they grow up.

A functional aspect of any wardrobe is a changing table, some of which fold away for storage.

6. Vertical cabinet

A traditional model can also be useful when setting up your baby’s room. These small cabinets have drawers and doors where you can hang your newborn’s clothes.

They’re small, adjustable and can accommodate baskets. For example, it’s possible to add wicker baskets to complement the decoration in the room.

6 Storage Ideas for Your Baby's Room

Tips for choosing storage for your baby’s room

Choosing furniture and cabinets for your baby’s room is an exciting event. However, you should keep in mind the following recommendations: 

  • Choose light and cheerful colors that give a stimulating atmosphere to the room and adapt to the rest of the environment.
  • You can choose between a baby cabinet or a larger one that can endure the passage of time.
  • Rooms for babies and young children should be clean. For this reason, choose cabinets that adapt to the available space without creating clutter.
  • Choose materials that are easy to clean, light and practical.

In conclusion, there are various storage ideas for your baby’s room. Only you can decide which ones fit your budget and your preferences.

Go for simple and functional. Remember that this room is a space to rest and grow up happy.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.