This Is How Your Child's First Birthday Should Be

This Is How Your Child's First Birthday Should Be

Last update: 08 May, 2018

Your child’s first birthday shouldn’t just be a celebration for them, but for you as well. You’re also celebrating a year of being a mother.

When we have our first child, we learn a lot in the process. There is no manual that explains how to be a good mother, it’s something that is learned along the way.

Have you ever wondered: What should your child’s first birthday be like?

The famous baby product brand – Pampers – made an exciting advertisement campaign video titled: “The first birthday of a child is also that of the mother.”

In this video, we see our evolution as mothers and the roads we have traveled to reach the first year.

According to the video this is how you should celebrate your child’s first birthday:

The video portrays the stories of various mothers that take their babies to the hospital.

As the video continues, it shows fathers explaining how much their wives do for their children and why their wives should also celebrate. And this is true: motherhood makes you stronger.

Each one of the husbands places a picture of their wives with their baby on the walls of the hospital corridor.

The photos are accompanied by little notes expressing how grateful they are for all the mother’s work – highlighting the fact that they aren’t only celebrating the child’s first birthday but also of their wives as mothers.

Love at first sight is what you feel for your baby. You fall so hard that you cannot get up again.

In this campaign, Pampers wants to congratulate mothers for their effort. For always putting their children first and for giving them unconditional love.

A congratulation that truly makes mothers feel moved and grateful.

This Is How Your Child's First Birthday Should Be

Remember that when you celebrate your child’s first birthday, you should also prepare a cake for yourself as well. Congratulate yourself for your work as a mother.

What we go through in the first year

We went from being first-time mothers to being the best

You might have made lots of mistakes. However, with time and experience you improved, getting better every day.

Our body wasn’t what we wanted it to be

After having a child, we don’t feel comfortable with our body. This was bound to happen after months of having a tiny person inside of us.

We started getting to know our child

Although we often get carried away by advice from other people, we came to understand that every baby has its own personality and tastes.

We learned through their actions what they liked and what they didn’t.

We choose not to take a lot of advice

We are often grateful for advice. However, occasionally we don’t put it into practice. It was too much all at once.

This Is How Your Child's First Birthday Should Be

Not sleeping for long times on end

If we could count all of the times we didn’t sleep, we would simply lose count. So many nights without sleeping or resting properly in order to tend to our child.

People who became very important support

Throughout all the sleepless hours, the work, cleaning, and all the household chores, they never failed to provide support.

It was one of the hardest things in the world, but it was worth it

Every day that passed by was hard. But after seeing a healthy and strong baby, we knew it was worth all the effort.

Although they’re already celebrating their first birthday, there is so much more to learn.

Learning from our mistakes and being humble is the most important part of the process.

Our children will continue growing and we’ll always have something new to learn. It’s important for us to give them the best of ourselves and to always be there when they need us.

It was definitely not easy, but through it all, you’ve put in your best effort for their well-being.

For the time being, enjoy your child as much as you can. Time passes by fast and when you least expect it, they’ll already be teenagers.

If you’d like to know the check-ups your child needs in their first year, we invite you to read medical articles about the first year.

This will help guide you, making sure nothing gets overlooked.

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