Why Is It Better For Children To Sleep In The Dark?

Why Is It Better For Children To Sleep In The Dark?

Last update: 10 November, 2017

The sleep cycles of babies and children are always a dilemma for parents. The question of lighting is an especially important problem. Soft light or darkness? What’s the best option for your child to get a good night’s rest? Science has an opinion on this topic. Apparently it is convenient for children to sleep in the dark.

Now, it is worth asking the question, what makes the ideal sleeping situation? Firstly, the protagonist of a child’s sleep is a hormone called Melatonin. According to studies this hormone is only produced when there is total darkness.

Therefore, researchers advise that absolutely nothing should be allowed to disturb the sleep of our children at home. Some of the factors that can negatively affect a child’s sleep are: turned on televisions and computers, and the light from digital clocks and lamps.

Scholars on this subject are adamant and insist that for children to sleep better and develop properly, there are a number of tips to consider. Pay attention to the following data. Implementing these tips can improve the quality of sleep for everyone in the house.

Reasons for your children to sleep in a dark room

reasons for children to sleep in dark rooms

Whether it’s the main light or a small side light, the results are the same. A study published in the journal Nature, links lighting during sleep with the increase in cases of myopia. In order to perform this study, 479 children were surveyed and the results were conclusive.

The hypothesis of the research argued that the eye is still in development during the first years of life, making it more vulnerable to light. Another report also indicates that this factor can even alter the baby’s circadian rhythm.

On the other hand, scientists believe that when children sleep in the dark their bodies produce greater amounts of melatonin. It is a hormone that is responsible for maintaining sleep cycles. When a child does not produce enough melatonin this leads to sleep disorders.

Sleep routines to get them to rest in the dark

children sleeping

One of the best options to get your child to rest in the best possible way is to establish a sleep routine. How is this done? It is very simple, every night carry out a series of simple steps that give the child a pattern so that they realize it’s time to sleep.

Pay attention to the following tips in order to guarantee your child’s relaxation at night. This way, you will not only share more beautiful moments with your child, you will also enjoy better mornings.

  • Bath time. Prepare a warm and relaxing bath for them before they go to sleep.
  • Control curtains. Make sure that all the curtains in the room where the child sleeps are closed, so nothing can interfere with their rest.
  • Transition objects. The best allies you can get to help your child sleep are transition objects. Every one of us had a favorite stuffed animal or blanket.
  • Tell a beautiful story or play some relaxing music. This is the ace up your sleeve that you should always use. Nothing is capable of calming your children more than your own voice. In a sweet tone, be the narrator to stories that appeal to them. You can also play some soft and delicate instrumental music to calm your little one.

“There is nothing more relaxing for a baby than the voice of his mother”—Unknown author

  • Warm milk. This can also help your child get a good night’s sleep; you can give it to them after their bath. In the case of a nursing baby, what’s better than breast milk?
  • Comfortable clothes. You should avoid clothing that is too light or too warm. “Fancy” bed linens can be uncomfortable for children. In these cases, it is best to apply the “less is more” rule.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to help your child rest better in the dark. This will also promote good health. It goes without saying, in order to implement all of these tips you will need to use a lot of love, affection and most importantly patience.

After all, nothing is worth more than the fact that your child can have sweet dreams, and be able to rest like a little angel.

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