9 Great Apps Every Mom Must Have

Being a mother isn't an easy feat, especially when you have more than one bundle of joy at home. Now it's time to make the best out of the digital era and make your life easier.
9 Great Apps Every Mom Must Have

Last update: 03 October, 2019

Nowadays, there are many tools that moms can use to make their lives easier. There are great apps that can help you organize your life and enjoy motherhood.

Being a mom is a full-time job. You don’t get days off and let’s not even talk about holidays. Luckily, technology can help you out, thanks to the many apps available for mobile devices.

There are many apps to choose from, capable of solving many issues, whether you’re a first-time mom or if this isn’t your first rodeo. So, if usually you’re busy or you just want a little help in your everyday life, these 9 great apps for busy moms can help you make your life a little bit easier and give you more time for yourself.

9 Great Apps Every Mom Must Have

9 great apps for a simpler life

Baby Tracker

This app can make it easier to follow up on your baby’s daily habits, health, and key moments in their life. Besides, you can use it to record what they’ve eaten, their sleep patterns, diapering, and their achievements growing up.

This app is only available for iOS devices in the App Store.

My Baby Today

This is a similar app to Baby Tracker, but it’s available for Android devices. It also adds a Q&A, that lets moms share their experiences and learn from each other.


Cozi is great to save all of the most relevant or important events, creating a schedule for the entire family with just one click. This app makes it easier to remember important dates in your calendar, organizing your shopping and to-do lists.

Likewise, it’s a great tool because it can be used as a family journal, you can save pictures and connect with the devices of the rest of the family.

This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.


WebMD is a great tool to help you prevent and take care of your health. You can also use it to find information and medical advice regarding many symptoms and diseases. It also has a First Aid section.

This app is available for both iOs and Android devices.

MamaBear Family Safety

The MamaBear app can help you check your children’s virtual and real lives. You can download it in your family’s mobile devices and be connected to them. It can send notifications through social media or GPS, according to the schedule you set for it.

9 Great Apps Every Mom Must Have

Great apps for forgetful moms

These apps will help you with chores in the city. Besides, it can help you find the best fun places for the kids. These apps are a great choice to find new places like restaurants or movies.


This is a simple app where you can set up a shopping list with pictures. You can find over 1,000 articles to buy, sell, add notes, prices and amounts. It also keeps a record of the items you buy the most and adds them easily to your shopping lists.


If you want to try that recipe you found online, the Epicurious app makes a list of the ingredients you need to make it. It has a lot of categories to help you find what you need, regarding your eating habits, types of cuisines and much more.


If you can’t find time to do the grocery shopping, with this app you can order delivery at a great price and from a diverse restaurant collection. It’s available for Windows, iOS and Android devices.

9 Great Apps Every Mom Must Have

An app to help you keep track of money

Money Control

This app can keep track of the expenses at home. Likewise, it makes it easier to keep track of the money spent by saving receipts, bills, booking payments, tracking accounts and wire transfers.

It’s available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Nowadays, technology can help many mothers to organize their lives. When it comes to being a mother, there’s no doubt this little help can make it easier to go home to the kids.


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