Tips from Mothers for Mothers

Tips from Mothers for Mothers

Last update: 29 March, 2018

If you need some help putting your busy routine in order, here are some tips from mothers that can be very helpful.

When taking on a job like motherhood, which is so time consuming and full of details, it’s useful to take a couple of tips from other mothers.

Every piece of advice will help you optimize your time at home and eventually make your day-to-day a little easier.

There are two ways to do things: the practical way or the complicated way.

The following are the most practical ways to accomplish some of your daily tasks at home. Take note of them and start to simplify the dynamics of your family life.

Tips from mother to make your life easier

At the beginning of the week, choose five outfits for each of your children. Place the clothes in separate compartments of their closets. This will reduce the amount of time spent on choosing clothes daily.

Recycle items such as egg crates or toilet paper tubes. You never know when your children will need them for a school assignment. With a little paint and creativity, they can also serve as great organizers.

Get your partner and children involved in cleaning around the house. A good trick to encourage them is to make them see the activity of cleaning as a sort of challenge or race.

Children love to compete and this will also help them learn about discipline at home.

 “Tasks ranging from the organization of your children’s clothes to the preparation of food can become easy missions to accomplish”

Place plastic protectors under the sheets. This will prevent disasters after accidents.

If the mattress is protected before your child wets the bed, it will be maintained in perfect condition. You’ll only have to change the wet sheets.

Be a role model of values and good manners. Keep in mind that children learn by example.

Saying “please”, “thank you” and “good morning” in front of them will make them see that phrases like these are simple but necessary.

Tips from Mothers for Mothers

Place all their toys and school supplies in individual labeled containers. This simple action will help promote organization. It will also help you achieve an ideal living space.

Use songs to help encourage cleaning and personal hygiene. Although this sounds a bit ridiculous, inventing a rhyme for when they need to clean up will help them associate the rhyme with the action.

You can also think about playing music that you like in order to keep them entertained and motivated.

 “Children are not toys, nor the realization of their parents need to live, they are not substitutes for unsatisfied ambitions. Children are the obligation to form happy beings”

Simone de Beauvoir

More tips…

Use a timer to keep track of daily activities. When it comes to play time you can set a timer. You can also set a time limit for bathing or homework.

You’ll see that using a timer will help you get the most out of each activity.

Find moments to rest. In the arduous profession of motherhood, if you don’t rest, you’ll collapse.

If you want to fully enjoy motherhood, you should make sure to give yourself alone time for relaxation or doing what you like.

Tips from Mothers for Mothers

Keep audio books or stories to accompany your family trips. Whether it’s for listening on the way to school or a holiday trip, a fun story can keep your children happy and distracted.

Make a collection of scissors, glue, colored paper, wool, cloth, stickers, colors, paints, markers and pencils. Give your children the opportunity to be creative.

These tips from mothers for mothers are intended to help you find ways to do things in a simple way without wearing yourself out.

Try to put them into practice!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.