Having A Child Is Seeing A Miracle In Front Of Your Eyes

Having A Child Is Seeing A Miracle In Front Of Your Eyes
Ana Couñago

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Ana Couñago.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

The first time a mom sees her baby’s face through the ultrasound, she is participating in a sort of blind date. The emotion, the nervousness, and the joy that she feels are indescribable when she sees her child for the first time – it’s like witnessing a miracle.

Until now we still don’t know for sure what this vital energy is and where it comes from; the miracle of life that is capable of making everything breathe, grow, and bear fruit… There are many scientific and religious theories that try to explain this spark that set humanity in march.

Most of these theories have lots of loose ends that we call mysteries. But beyond all these questions, reasons, and logic, is the experience; and life gives every mother in the world the chance to experience what it feels like to give birth to another human being.

Life is nature’s miracle


In only 40 days, a tiny heart made by the fusion of cells – a male and a female cell – has started beating. From that moment on it works hard to keep its little body alive. But it also has started to feel.

This small heart that produces 20% of the energy that an adult heart produces, still has a long way to go until this little being’s eyes can discover the sun light, see the face of its mom, and feel her skin. But this tiny heart works every day with the strength of an Olympic athlete.

Under normal circumstances, life within the womb is peaceful, wonderful, and most likely feels very much like paradise. During these first few months of life, the baby sleeps 90% of the time.

But regardless of whether the baby sleeps or simply floats around freely within the placenta, he is also undergoing this complex engineering process of developing the human body.

Your belly bears a little miracle


At some point you will be able to feel your baby’s movements within you. Before the sixth month, the baby was already able to move its little fingers but you weren’t able to feel it. But as time goes by, its limbs will start growing and you will start to feel it.

Inside of your uterus, the baby grows, plays, gets hiccups, dreams, opens his eyes… After six months of gestation, the baby is able to hear the outside world as his hearing is probably his most developed sense. After 7 months of gestation he will have developed the ability to taste.

“There are two ways of living life: one is thinking that nothing is a miracle, and the other is believing that everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein, German Physicist-

The more we know about this wonderful mechanism that allows us to give life through our union as species, the more astounding, mysterious, and wonderful human conception seems. This also includes the extraordinary motherly body functions that are perfectly engineered for that purpose.


When your baby reaches the 11th week of gestation, he already breathes through his nose, exhaling amniotic fluid, and fingernails appear on his tiny fingers.

Your baby wakes up and falls asleep whenever you do. He feels at ease when you feel at ease, and feels restless when you get those waves of anxiety that all mothers experience at some point during the first few months of pregnancy.

It’s normal to feel nervous when you realize that you are responsible for a new life. But it is also comforting to know that your body has all the tools for your little miracle to be born healthy.

From the moment of fertilization, that instant when a female cell merges with the sperm cell, a human being exists; a life that we must respect and love with all our heart.

That life force that managed to develop into a baby in those 9 months, will grow independently and mysteriously, yet will always be bound to his mother and father who are blessed to see the miracle of life embodied in their child.

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