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Zuleyvic Adriana Cuicas

Social communicator

A social communicator who specializes as a professional writer. She has more than 12 years of experience in the sector, both in print and digital media. She also has experience as a content manager.

About the author

Graduated in Social Communication from the Fermín Toro University (2006).

Zuleyvic Adriana Cuicas has 12 years of experience as a copywriter and editor. For almost 10 years she worked at the Venezuelan newspaper El Informador . She was deputy editor of "Barquisimeto", one of the most important sections of the newspaper. She was in charge of editing texts and coordinating the editorial team made up of eight journalists. In 2017, she wrote two journalistic chronicles for the website La vida de nos. She currently works as a social media manager and freelance writer.

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