To Have a Son Is to Have an Eternal Prince

To Have a Son Is to Have an Eternal Prince
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

From a very young age, many women dream of finding their Prince Charming. What they never imagined is that fate might one day reward them with the best gift of life: that fairy tale prince materializes as nothing more or less than a son.

The true love of their life will change the misconception women have about falling in love at first sight. Anyone who has a child will understand that mothers are their children’s first loves. They represent an example to follow and a clear ideal of life. Children maintain a unique and special bond with their mother.

Tender looks, the most beautiful kisses filled with an incomparable affection, soft caresses and healing hugs are the details that frame this sacred relationship, filled with a love as pure, deep and real as it is unconditional.

A son is a king without a crown

With the arrival of your son, you understand that the man of your life has arrived to stay in your heart for all eternity. However, you will not find the king of all your palaces and castles during a crowded ball while you wear a huge dress.

After he waits for you inside your own belly, the first meeting takes place in a cold hospital room and finds you wearing a nightgown. On the other hand, he appears as loud as he is poor, wearing not a tailored suit, but rather nothing at all.

As the mother of a male child, even without knowing it or imagining it, you find yourself giving life to the “perfect boyfriend,” laying the foundations of how a lady should be treated and how gentlemen should act. Your little one will one day be a man, so forge in your eternal prince values like respect, honesty, affection and loyalty.

You could not act like a “lady” in that first encounter with your Prince Charming. You dropped the role with only a glimpse of the future and of life itself within your child, so you could not contain your tears or withhold your kisses and squeezes.

what it means to have a son

Without making use of those expensive masculine fragrances, he brought nothing but his natural and priceless life, and it was enough to make his queen fall in love. To have a son is to give life to the most perfect and beloved man, the one who can take your breath away, but in a particular and unthinking way.

Everything a son can give his mother

A son is able to light the wick of laughter and reap smiles everywhere, thus coloring gray days where humor is dead. That uncrowned king has the ability to dissipate any anger with a single grin.

It is an eternal prince who gives a woman the most beautiful title she can achieve, the one that is only given in the university of life: “mama.” This little one belongs to the crown of our heart and shows the gift of filling our souls with his presence.

If you are fortunate enough to bring a son into this world, you will understand that he is someone who is willing to go out and melt for his mother. “I love you” whispered in a tender voice, the complicity behind a sidelong look, the hug that joins your broken parts during a nap. This is, broadly speaking, what it means to have a son.

What that unique and special prince can give you colors your heavenly days after the most highly anticipated blind date of your life.

Exploring new worlds at the hand of the king of the house

The funny thing about teaching a son is that you can rarely use your own memory of childhood to help you. His emotional structure differs completely from that of a woman. This experience of raising a son involves learning all over again.

There are no dolls, tea sets and princess dresses. Here there is only room for fuss and action in the form of muddy cars, balls and fictitious weapons. Some things may be repeated: hyperactivity, imagination and childhood innocence.

Sons are sociable and friendly by definition, with overwhelming personalities. They are laughing puppets, the “Tarzans” of the neighborhood. They have a deep sense of living every moment as if it were their last.

They have an “I love you” that fixes any fault, a gesture that heals any ailment of the heart, and a “please Mommy” that is insurmountable.

With him, you will find that longed-for price who will force you to wake up every morning ready to play on the floor, mold dough and watch movies. To have a son is to discover a love capable of generating an unprecedented union, becoming one of the most effective and inexplicable driving forces. 


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