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Macarena Esperanza Marina

Social communicator

Social communicator. She has worked as a radio host, as an editor for printed newspapers, journalistic director, producer, chronicler and master of ceremonies. She is currently studying Digital Marketing and Communication at Coderhouse.

About the author

Graduated as a Technician in Journalism from the National University of La Matanza (2010). She completed her training with a Degree in Social Communication from this university (2013) and a specialization as Integral Radio and TV Announcer from ETER.

Macarena Esperanza Marina worked as journalistic director and editor at CIRGEN magazine. She wrote articles for the newspaper Para Todos la Gente and worked as a presenter on Radio SFR 93.3 hosting the program Noche de Brujas. She was also at the forefront of the program Now the City is Ours on FM Cultura 97.3.

She worked as a street reporter on AM 990 (ex-Splendid) for the programs of Adrián Puente, Nancy Pazos and Jorge García. She made an advert for the campaign I am what I Read by Editorial Santillana. She has specialized in digital marketing and works on several programs as a social volunteer.

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