The Transition from Preschool to Elementary School

The transition from preschool to elementary school is challenging for children. Here are some tips that will make this transition easier.
The Transition from Preschool to Elementary School

Last update: 09 September, 2021

Starting elementary school is an important moment in every child’s educational journey. And, as a parent, it’s normal to feel uneasy about it. That’s exactly what happened to me when my kid started elementary school. We’re all more or less worried when it comes to the transition from preschool to elementary school. So, today, we’re going to look at how you can help them with that transition.

In general, children are excited and enthusiastic about this new stage in their lives, even if it’s a challenge for them. Our little ones show us strength every day, so don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Do you want to learn how you can help them prepare for this important step?

The transition from preschool to elementary school

This change is essential for our little ones because they’re starting a new educational stage. However, although we may think they’re already “big and mature,” it’s going to be challenging for them.

girl going to school

When your child starts going to elementary school, their routines, their schedules, the rules, the teachers, the educational method, and the way they learn change. They go from having a teacher there who always helps them and who lets them play, to having a teacher who wants them to be more independent. Of course, they’re still there to help your child, but it’s different.

Remember, you have to be empathetic with children, respect their emotions and feelings, help them manage their concerns, and support them at all times. These are some of the implications of your child’s transition from preschool to elementary school:

  • They’ll have more teachers
  • Their work methods will change
  • They’ll have more subjects
  • Sometimes, kids may have to change buildings
  • Change isn’t always a negative experience
  • This step means your child is older, which is very motivating
  • Some children will experience fear, worry and difficulties adjusting

Let’s take a look at how we can help our children transition from preschool to elementary school.

Preschool to elementary school

This step has to be progressive. Children won’t have their teacher hanging over them all the time. Therefore, they have to be more independent and responsible because they’re maturing.

How can you help to foster that autonomy in children so they’re more prepared? You can help by asking them to participate in family activities. In addition, you can help give them responsibilities and tasks that are suitable for their age and ability.

Tips to make the transition from preschool to elementary easier

1. Create a routine and stick to a schedule. This will help them adapt to their elementary school schedule.

2. Ask them to take care of dressing themselves during their last year of preschool. Then, they can continue doing so when they transition to elementary.

3. Have them help you make their lunches. They can have a say in what they bring and what they want most.

More tips to help your child transition from preschool to elementary

Girl reading a book.

Board games

Games are a great way to help improve your child’s attention span. And, during games, you can help them work on following rules. This will help them improve their social and coexistence skills. 

Reading books on their favorite topics

Another way you can help them transition from preschool to elementary school is to read stories about their favorite topics. You can choose books that have pictures and text that isn’t too long. This will keep them motivated to read, which can be hard to do. 

Have them make their bed and eat breakfast without spilling

These habits will help them work on their independence and autonomy.

Writing in their planner

We recommend getting your child a planner and teaching them to write their teacher’s instructions and their homework in it. When they transition to elementary school, our kids need to be more responsible, and you have to remind them of this at home. If they get used to using a planner early on, they’ll be far more organized. Then, they’ll learn to write down everything they need to do.

Communicating with your child’s teacher

It’s essential that you and your child’s teacher communicate well so your child can adapt better to the changes they’re going through. This will keep them happy. Also, it will help you stay aware of everything that happens to your child and what they may need. That way, you can reinforce those needs at home.

In conclusion, although changes may be difficult to face, they’re usually for the better. As you can see, there are some tips you can follow that will help your child transition from preschool to elementary school. These guidelines will help make the change less traumatic for everyone. Children can adapt extremely well, so you have to trust them. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.