The Mess Is Over! Tips to Organize Your Children's Toys

Putting toys away is very important to organize your house and your mind. Today, we'll show you how to do it.
The Mess Is Over! Tips to Organize Your Children's Toys

Last update: 01 February, 2021

If you have kids, you’ll know what it’s like to bump into their toys scattered on the floor. You’ll also know how it feels to constantly ask them to put their toys away without a positive result. They want to play all the time! However, if you trip over their toys more than twice in a row, you’ll probably want the mess to be over. This is why we’ll give some tips to organize your children’s toys.

As time goes by, this idea of tidying up all the time usually disappears. Then, you end up with a mess all over your living room. So, if you really want to put your children’s toys away, there are some tips you can follow to make your house look organized all the time.

Look for inclusive solutions to organize your children’s toys

If you want to organize your children’s bedroom, you can think of creative storage solutions to include as part of the decoration. Storage shelves are perfect for your kids’ bedrooms, because they’re very helpful to save space.

As a result, you can ask your children to put their toys away once they finish playing. You can also use separate storage units to put the toys away, like decorative chests.

The Mess Is Over! Tips to Organize Your Children's Toys

Use a closet organizer

Another interesting idea to organize your children’s toys is a closet organizer. Many of them include portable storage drawers and hanging shelves, which are perfect for stuffed animals, wheeled toys and block sets.

Furthermore, you can use stackable plastic bins as an extra storage system for your kids’ toys. You can stack them as high as you like to keep their toys organized.

Choose a box to organize your children’s toys

Toy boxes are perfect for children’s bedrooms, playrooms and parts of the house you can adapt for them to play. These boxes can be much more than just a box to stack toys in a sloppy way. 

Find a box with shelves, trays and portable units to organize different toys according to their categories. There are many different types of toy boxes you can choose from. This will help your children put each toy where it belongs. 

Probably, your children will be more willing to put the toys away if they know where to find them whenever they want. Spending some money on a good quality toy box will always be a smart idea.

Providing smart solutions to organize your children’s toys will always be helpful, no matter your kids’ ages. Besides, any idea you come up with will be better than keeping them under your feet. So, don’t put up with the mess anymore. Think of creative solutions to motivate your children to keep their toys organized.

The Mess Is Over! Tips to Organize Your Children's Toys

Store toys at child height

Another aspect you can take into account in order to organize your children’s toys is to store them at their height. Because, if you keep their toys in a place they can’t reach, you shouldn’t expect them to put them away. Sometimes, they don’t organize their toys because they’re not able to do it on their own.

On the contrary, if you stimulate their autonomy, it’ll be easier for them to help you tidy up. You can do that by storing their toys at their height, providing them with steps to reach their things, etc. Finally, children will become motivated to organize their toys once they stop playing, because they’ll be able to do it on their own.

Remember that a tidy home helps you create order in your life. Even though children need to create a certain mess while they play, once they finish, you should teach them the responsibility of putting their things in order.

After following our tips, you’ll realize your house will be more organized, at least while it’s not play time. 

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