You Discover New Places in Your Heart When You Love a Child

You Discover New Places in Your Heart When You Love a Child
Valeria Sabater

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Written by Valeria Sabater

Last update: 08 November, 2022

There are places in your heart that only evolve through certain experiences. When we become mothers for the first time, something grows inside us and changes us, enriching us in every way.

It is like a psychic tendon that makes us stronger and more able to appreciate life through that new human being you love with all your heart, your child.

Perhaps more than one of our readers is surprised by this article’s title. Is it really necessary to have a child in order to know what love means? The answer is, of course, no.

Moreover, many professionals who deal with children daily have also had the opportunity to develop this gift: to be able to see the world through the eyes of children, to learn from them, to love them, and to guide them to growth and happiness.

Give a little love to a child and you will win a heart.

-John Ruskin-

The truth is that each of us already comes into the world “complete,” ready to connect with others, to love and to be loved, to learn from each experience and each bond.

Every life experience is a gift that makes us stronger and more worthy. Each love or relationship held throughout our lifetime provides us with extra “wisdom” for our emotional backpack.

Now, having one or more children at our side is a unique opportunity to allow us to grow as individuals, because they need us to be the best version of ourselves. And this is something that will enrich us infinitely.

What your heart “collects” when you love a child

There Are Places in Your Heart You'll Only Discover When You Love a Child

We all know it: there are people who don’t know how to love a child. This is not only devastating, but also leaves traumas and causes problems, unhappiness and permanent emotional traces.

Not all people have the skills to raise and educate little ones. We’re not only speaking about families, because sometimes there are also teachers or professors who lack that magic – the capacity to connect with children.

All these people have undoubtedly lost one of the best gifts of life: the ability to learn from children and enjoy everything they give us wholeheartedly.

Let’s see now what tributes children offer us.

Children only need one thing: love

When we educate a child, raising him and guiding him on a day-to-day basis, we discover the great power of affection, positive reinforcement, consideration, and appreciation – lessons offered with patience, love and optimism…

  • We immediately realize that by responding with appreciation and love, many more things are achieved than when we give orders with a shout and with the shadow of fear in between.
  • We perceive how affection is the engine that awakens a child’s development, and how safe and daily affection encourages them to say their first words and take their first steps…

You learn to appreciate the smallest things in life

There Are Places in Your Heart You'll Only Discover When You Love a Child

Life with children has the rhythm of a snail, the steps of a turtle, and the magic of a dandelion on a breezy afternoon.

Everything is new before the eyes of a child. Everything is exciting, fascinating and full of endless possibilities.

The person who is able to appreciate this virtue – which we sometimes lose when we became adults – will also recover her own inner child, the one who allowed herself to trust, who was able to dream by seeing a cloud in the sky or drops falling on a windowpane…

We learn to give life lessons, strategies of the heart

You may not be an expert in child psychiatry, in neuroscience, or in teaching, or a life coach… and yet, you realize that in daily life, you represent all of this to your child, and more.

Children must have a lot of tolerance for adults.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-

Nobody taught you how to educate a child. However, from morning to night, you feel more and more confident and able to offer your child what he needs at every moment:

  • You’re already a guru in the resolution of tantrums.
  • You have a radar to anticipate when your child is about to get into mischief.
  • You know how to comfort him when he is afraid.
  • You’ve mastered patience.
  • You’ve obtained the highest degree in offering kisses and hugs to comfort scrapes on the knees, small bumps and sprains.
There Are Places in Your Heart You'll Only Discover When You Love a Child

All of this has made you grow as a person. You’ve never felt so good, so fulfilled, so happy and ready to continue giving your child everything that both of you deserve.

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