Authors of Books That You Can't Miss

In this article, we'll talk about some of the most famous and current authors of adult literature.
Authors of Books That You Can't Miss

Last update: 22 May, 2021

Reading is one of the hobbies that most adults prefer. As a result, nowadays you’ll find many different topics, authors and books available on the market.

More specifically, we’ll talk about current authors that have become quite successful. Once you get to know them, you’ll be able to pick one of their books to read, during your free time.

Authors of books for adults

Javier Castillo

Three years ago in Spain, almost nobody knew Javier Castillo. Thus, nobody knew him abroad either. However, in 2017, he published El Día Que se Perdió la Cordura (The Day Sanity Was Lost) and everything changed. From that moment on, he experienced unstoppable success.

Thriller, intrigue, love, and the main characters’ minds are some of the elements that helped Javier Castillo become one of the most famous and current authors. In fact, The Day Sanity Was Lost and The Day Love Was Lost became so famous that he got to publish them in many different countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Colombia, Turkey, Japan, Korea, and Portugal.

Famous authors of books.

What’s more, a TV show will be based on these two famous titles soon. So, if you enjoy suspense and adult literature, you’re going to love Javier Castillo.

Beta Coqueta

With a completely different style, Elisabet Benavent, also known as Beta Coqueta, has sold over two million copies of her book.

Love, sex, friendship, and everyday problems are the elements that Beta Coqueta includes in her books. In fact, her literature became extremely successful even before being published by a well-known publishing house.

Even though she wrote several books, four of them, which are part of the Valeria collection, made her really famous.

Just like Javier Castillo, Elisabet published her books on her own. After that, she became so successful on social media platforms that a publishing house made contact with her, and offered her a deal.

As expected, Valeria is the main character of the saga. In her books, you’ll discover the importance of friendship, love, and indifference. All of these topics surround Valeria and her three closest friends.

Elisabet’s books are easy to read and include fresh and fun dialogues. If you enjoy romance, she’ll be your favorite author from now on.

Reading different authors of books.

Again, just like in the case of Javier Castillo’s books, Valeria became a Netflix show. Besides, Elisabet Benavent stated that two more of her books will become TV shows this year.

Dolores Redondo, among the most famous authors of books

One of the most successful literary works from the past years is The Baztan Trilogy, written by Dolores Redondo.

Among different adult book authors, Dolores Redondo is one of the most famous writers at a national and international level. In fact, people compliment her suspense stories from all parts of the world.

Moreover, in 2016, After writing, All This I Will Give You, she won one of the most important Spanish awards called, Premio Planeta.

Crimes, investigation, spiritual and human topics, along with the psychological minds of the main characters are part of Dolores Redondo’s books. Once you read one of her stories, you won’t be able to escape her amazing world.

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