Giving Birth To Boys Hurts More Than Girls

Giving Birth To Boys Hurts More Than Girls

Written by Gladys González

Last update: 27 December, 2022

A scientific study was aimed at researching whether giving birth to boys is more painful than giving birth to girls. Let’s see what the specialists say.

Natural childbirth is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can go through in her life. Although it is mainly associated with a painful experience, giving birth is so much more than that.

Surely you must have some doubts about certain issues such as the difference between giving birth to a boy or a girl.

According to an article posted in the journal Pediatric Research, regarding a study conducted by San Cecilio Clinical Hospital of Granada and a team of researchers from the University of Granada (UGR), the gender of the newborn can be an influencing factor at the time of birth.

The research studied a group of 56 healthy pregnant women

According to their research, male births are more painful. This phenomenon is due to the fact that girls respond better to stress.

Girls posses an antioxidant defense that is superior to their male counterparts and this causes less oxidative damage to cell membranes.

For a mother, this means a lower level of inflammation and a less painful labor and birth.

The scientists evaluated 56 pregnant women in perfect health. Out of the 56 women there were 27 princes and 29 little princesses born.

After the women gave birth, the doctors found that the mothers who had girls had less damage done to their biomolecules.

This is the first study that has reached this kind of conclusion.

Until now, studies have only been conducted on adults who suffer from inflammation problems. This study, however, focuses on the effects that babies have on their mothers.

Giving birth to a girl is less aggressive

Giving Birth To Boys Hurts More Than Girls

Javier Diaz Castro and Julio Jose Ochoa Herrera, were the main researchers who worked with the Department of Physiology of the UGR. They insist that their analysis opens up an interesting field of study on the gender of newborns and their possible risk factors, repercussions on life expectancy and the development of diseases.

So how are the princes of the house different from the princesses?

Based on the research made by this group of experts, girls have enzymatic systems that are more mature at the time of birth. This creates a barrier that prevents cell damage. It also optimizes cellular metabolism.

In other words, princesses and their moms are able to more effectively handle the aggression that labor implies. Therefore, the pains are not as intense as in the case of the opposite sex.

Giving birth is not synonymous with pain

Giving Birth To Boys Hurts More Than Girls

Many pregnant women harbor an intense fear of giving birth naturally because they focus on the experiences of other moms.

Childbirth does not have to be synonymous with pain, especially when you receive advice from people who can guide you, such as a prenatal support group.

Breathing is key in order to manage labor pains

The presence of a doula is another element that will allow you to have a more peaceful and beautiful encounter with your baby.

Through incredible concentration exercises, physical movements and breathing exercises, you will be able to go through this experience in a different way. Without fears or doubts.

In addition, your body will work in a way that will allow you to bear the necessary pain calmly. There will undoubtedly be peaks of pain, but your body will alternate these peaks with moments of tranquility.

It does this by secreting endorphins and encephalins. These are hormones that are responsible for inhibiting the sensation of discomfort.

You can do it!

Mom, you’re probably very afraid of giving birth. You’ve heard a thousand stories and they all talk about suffering.

However, remember that nature is wise and it will take you to the precise moment where you will know true happiness.

The love you feel for your baby will be amplified incredibly when you see it being born. It is worthwhile to feel the process of the gift of life.

This being that you will give birth to is a product of innocence and purity. Do not feel afraid of anything. You and your child will know exactly what to do when the moment comes.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.