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Gladys González

Business administrator

Business administrator specializing in marketing and content management. She has more than a decade of experience in the digital environment, both in the creation and management of content and in the planning of advertising campaigns. She has gained experience both in public administration and in the private environment.

About the author

Graduated in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology and Communications from the Cecilio Acosta University College, Capital Region (1982). She completed his training with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Janus University California (Newport University Nels).

Gladys González worked for more than 6 years as Director of information technology and communications in the Mayor's Office of Chacao and then for 4 years in the Mayor's Office of the Sucre municipality. She is currently working as a technical consultant in content marketing and search engine optimization. She works on the creation of content and management of blogs and social networks. In 2012 she featured on the list of the Manager magazine as one of the "100 best managers and 25 IT managers".

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