20 Boy Names that Start with the Letter L

Don't know what you're going to name your baby? This list of boy names that start with the letter L can help you. Check it out now!
20 Boy Names that Start with the Letter L

Last update: 12 April, 2022

For some reason, you have the letter L in your mind as your favorite. Perhaps you relate it to someone you love very much or you simply like the way it sounds or looks. And now that you’re expecting a boy, you want to search for boy names that start with this consonant.

This search is just beginning and we’re here to help you! Review the list that we’ve prepared for you and choose the options that you like the most. Say them out loud, whisper them, and sing them: The one that touches your heart will be the right one.

Boy names starting with the letter L

The letter L is a consonant that originated in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, whose graphism was the shape of a jaguar.

Later, it appears in the Phoenician alphabet representing a hook or harpoon and that is the way that it evolved to lambda in the Greek alphabet, lamed in Hebrew, lam in Arabic, and the L in the Latin alphabet.

For this reason, in our list, you’ll find names of children of different origins and related to various themes, such as nature and even movies. We invite you to discover them and to find among them the most appropriate choice for your baby. Shall we start?

A woman holding her baby with autumn leaves in the background.
Your baby’s name will come like a light that illuminates your path. Wait carefully for that moment.

Listed in alphabetical order

  • Laban: a Hebrew name meaning ‘white’.
  • Laureano: of Latin origin, it refers to the man who is ‘crowned with laurels’. Its variants are Lauro and Laurian.
  • Laurencio: he who comes from the ancient city of Laurentum, in the Roman Empire.
  • Lautaro: a name of Mapuche origin that comes from the word lef-Traru, which in the Mapudungun language is the word that refers to the crested caracara, a bird of prey.
  • Lazarus: this name comes from the Hebrew Eleazar which means ‘he who is helped by God’.
  • Leandro: this name was formed from two Greek words: Leo, which means ‘lion’ and andro, which means ‘man’. Literally, he is a ‘lion man’.
  • Lemuel: means ‘devoted to God’ and comes from Hebrew.
  • Leo: short for Leonardo.
  • Leon: refers to the majestic and strong Lion.
  • Leonardo: is a Germanic name that comes from leonhart, which means ‘the man who is strong like a lion’.
  • Leonel: a diminutive of Leon.
  • Liam: an Irish name derived from William and meaning the ‘firm protector’.
  • Lior: of Hebrew origin, this name means ‘I have light’.
  • Lisandro: a name formed by two Greek words: lisis, which refers to ‘liberate’ and andros, which means ‘man’.
  • Lorenzo: comes from Laurentino and means ‘crowned with laurels’.
  • Lucas: the root luc refers to ‘enlightened. Therefore, this Latin name means ‘the one who shines’. Its variants are Lukas, Luke, Lluc, Luca, Luc.
  • Luciano: from the Latin lucius, which refers to those born with the first light of the morning.
  • Lucio: a Latin name that comes from the word lux, which in turn comes from lucius.
  • Ludovico: the Italian version of Louis.
  • Louis: a name that comes from the old Germanic language and is made up of two words: Hluot, which means ‘illustrious or recognized’ and wig, which names a ‘warrior’. Its variants, in other languages, are Ludwig, Ludovico, and Luis.

Choosing the most beautiful name: Your first gift for your son

“You go with me wherever I go
we breathe together, you grow in me
nothing is more eternal than having you in me today
without hesitation I exchange everything I am for you.
You grow on me.”

-Song by Romina D’Addio-

A woman holding her baby up in the air with the sunset in the background.
Prepare your mind and your heart to wake up with the most sincere look of love that exists.

Names are music and love, and when it comes to your child’s name, it’s the most important in the world! He’s still in your womb, but in a few months, you’re going to hold him in your arms.

You’re already in the process of choosing the right name among so many options. You can opt for unusual names, names with a particular origin, and you can also search for names that start with another letter of the alphabet.

You’re sure to find the perfect name soon!

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