60 Unusual Boy Names With a Lot of Personality

We invite you to explore this list of unusual boy names with a lot of personality. Perhaps you'll find the perfect one for your little boy.
60 Unusual Boy Names With a Lot of Personality
Samanta Ruiz

Written and verified by the teacher Samanta Ruiz.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Have you already confirmed that you’re pregnant with a baby boy? Congratulations! Now you just have to define what you’re going to name him. If you already know that you like unusual boy names with a lot of personality, this list is for you. Take note!

“The sonority of a name, its rotundity, carries a vibration that brings an energy that accompanies all life.”

José Elías Fernández

Uncommon names with a lot of personality for boys

Here’s a list of children’s names along with their origin and meaning. Read it many times and share it with your family so your loved ones can help you with the choice.

  • Aaron: a biblical name coming from the Hebrew Aharon. Aaron was the older brother of Miriam and Moses, who were born as Israelite slaves in Egypt. For this reason, the origin of this name may be Egyptian.
  • Aiken: is of English origin and means “made from oak trees”.
  • Akeem: comes from Arabic and means “insightful or wise”.
  • Baptiste: a French name originating from the Greek word baptista, meaning “to immerse in water”.
  • Benedek: a Hungarian variant of Benedict, a name derived from the Latin Benedictus. Its meaning is “blessed”.
  • Caiden: it comes from the Gaelic surname Mac Cadáin. It was also the name of a Scottish clan.
  • Christer: a Swedish diminutive of Cristiano, a name of Latin origin.
  • Dante: a shortened form of the Italian name Durante which, in turn, is of Latin origin. It derives from the word durus, meaning “hard, resistant”.
  • Enzo: this has two possible origins. One is the derivation of the German Heinz, related to Heinrich, meaning “prince of the house”. The other is a constriction of Vincenzo or Lorenzo.
  • Erik: comes from Old Norse Eirik . It’s formed from ei, meaning “always” and rik, meaning “rule”.
  • Felix: comes from Latin and means ‘happy’.
  • Geronimo: a rare form of the Italian name Jerome, which comes from the Greek Hieronymos . It’s formed from the words hieros, meaning “holy or sacred” and onoma, which refers to “name”.
  • Hamlet: an English name derived from the Germanic Haimo and the word haim, meaning “house”. This is one of those unusual boy names ideal for literature lovers.
A page from Hamlet.
  • Ian: the Gaelic form of John. It comes from the Hebrew Yohanan, which is understood as “God is generous”.
  • Joel: of Hebrew origin and with a very intense meaning, since it means “Jehovah is the Lord”.
  • Karim: comes from the Arabic language and means “noble or generous person”.
  • Kodiak: a Russian name that’s a patronymic of the island of Kodiak, in Alaska.
  • Lancelot: comes from French L’Ancel, which translates as “servant”.
  • Mackenzie: from a Scottish clan and from Old Gaelic MacCoinnich. It means ‘son of Coinneach’, which in turn refers to a “handsome and brilliant man”. This is one of the uncommon boy names with a lot of personality!
  • Nahuel: a Mapuche name meaning “tiger”.
  • Odin: the name of the father of all men and gods in Norse mythology.
  • Paolo: the Italian form of the Latin name Paul, meaning “little one”.
  • Price: a name derived from the Welsh Ap Rhys, meaning “fire warrior”.
  • Quentin: of French origin and derived from the ancient Latin name Quintinus.
  • Ramiro: a Spanish variant of the Germanic name Ramirus. It comes from the words ragin, which means “council” and mari, which means “famous”.
  • Rex: is of Latin origin and means “king”.
  • Sasha: this is a way of saying Alexander in Russian.
  • Thiago: abbreviation of Santiago.
  • Uriel: of Hebrew origin. It’s formed by the element uri, which means light, and he, which means God. It’s translated as “God is my light”.
  • Zechariah: comes from Hebrew and means “remember God”.
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How can I find other unusual boy names?

If you couldn’t find the perfect name for your baby on this list, don’t worry, we have more options for you! Check out other name lists with different themes, such as the ones listed below:

You can also search in books or on internet portals – you’ll surely have your choice made in a few days!

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