30 Flower Names for Boys and Girls

We hope, among this list of 30 flower names for boys and girls, you'll find one that you love for your future son or daughter. Keep reading!
30 Flower Names for Boys and Girls
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

If you’re a nature lover and want to project this love onto your future child, in the following article, you’ll find a list with 30 flower names for boys and girls that you’re sure to love.

Each option comes from a different origin. Although many times, different names refer to the same plant. Therefore, it’s likely that your favorite flower will also offer you the answer regarding your quest to find the perfect name for your future son or daughter.

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Flower names to perfume your baby’s soul

A sweet child who grows up in a loving environment and who radiates the maximum possible light are just some of the wishes you have for your little one. Therefore, we’ve prepared this floral list for you.

Flower names for boys

A young boy picking flowers.
  • Alirio: allusive to the fleur de lis, which is a symbol of purity.
  • Anturio: a name of Greek origin that means “tailflower or flamingo flower”.
  • Cardo: the Spanish word for the thistle.
  • Clavelino: as explained by the Virtual Flora Catalog, this plant was named in honor of the Italian botanist Andrea Cesalpino. In addition, it means “beautiful”, due to its showy flowers.
  • Crisanto: means “golden flower” and refers to the chrysanthemum.
  • Geranio: this is a name of Greek origin and refers to a precious flower, the geranium. That’s why it’s one of those indicated for one who’s “beautiful”.
  • Hortensio: of Latin origin, it means “gardener”.
  • Jacinto: of Greek origin, it’s the Spanish name for the hyacinth flower.
  • Kamal: means “lotus flower” and comes from Sanskrit.
  • Narciso: the narcissus flower, or daffodil, is named after the story of a very handsome young Greek man named Narcissus who, as a result of his vanity, was punished by the gods. That’s where the term “narcissistic’ also comes from”.
  • Nardo: a plant of the valerian family, native to the Himalayas, prized since ancient times for its aromatic and medicinal properties. In English, it’s known as the Agave amica.
  • Niraj: a name of Hindu origin that refers to the lotus flower, the symbol of hundreds of civilizations throughout the history of mankind.
  • Yon: of Korean origin, it also means “lotus flower”.

Flower names for girls

  • Abelia: This is a small shrub with reddish branches and flowers. This name was given by Robert Brown in 1818, in honor of the British physician and naturalist Clarke Abel. This scientist introduced these plants to Europe from China, where he discovered them.
  • Adhara: of Arabic origin, it refers to the “orange blossom”.
  • Alhelí: or the wallflower, which is a perennial plant with highly aromatic flowers.
  • Poppy: comes from habapaura, an Arabism formed from the Arabic habb (seed) and from the Latin papaver (the poppy plant from which opium is extracted).
  • Amaranth: for “the one who will not wither”.
  • Lily: this is a beautiful and delicate flower. Perhaps, for this reason, its meaning of Arabic origin is “innocent heart”.
  • Clavelina: a plant similar to carnation, but with smaller stems, leaves, and flowers.
  • Daisy: a sweet name in honor of a simple and classic flower.
  • Greta: a shortened version of Margarita, which also refers to the daisy.
  • Hortensia: of Latin origin, it comes from hortus (orchard, garden). Therefore, it means ‘the gardener’. It also refers to the stunning hydrangea plant.
  • Jasmine: of Arabic origin, its meaning is “beautiful like the flower that bears her name”. It refers to the elegant white flower that bears the same name.
  • Kuymi: of Quechua origin, it refers to the amaranth flower.
  • Leilani: of Hawaiian origin, it means “celestial flower”.
  • Lila: comes from the Arabic lilak which, in turn, has its origin in Sanskrit, whose meaning is “dark blue”.
  • Mirta: myrtle flowers are white, solitary, and very aromatic. In fact, in ancient times the myrtle was a sacred plant dedicated to the worship of Venus or Aphrodite.
  • Rosalía: of Latin origin, for that girl who is “full of flowers”.
  • Violet: this comes from the Latin Viola and refers to “that which is beautiful like violets”.
A red-headed girl holding daisies over her eyes and smiling.

The union with mother nature will always accompany your little one

Any of these 30 flower names for boys and girls can be perfect for your future baby. In fact, just like people, there are plants of all colors, sizes, and characteristics. It’s just a matter of choosing the one that means the most to you.

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