How to Heat Your Child's Room in Winter

In winter, electricity consumption can increase, as well as heating costs. Here are some tips on how to heat your child's room in winter.
How to Heat Your Child's Room in Winter

Last update: 11 October, 2022

In winter, electricity consumption can increase and bills at the end of the month can become a headache. If you live in cold countries where temperatures drop a lot at that time of the year, electricity can become a real problem. But beyond regulating electricity consumption day by day and week by week, as a mother, you’re more concerned about how to heat your child’s room in winter, no matter what it may cost you. However, in You Are Mom, we care about everything and everyone.

How to heat your child’s room in winter

With all this in mind, in this text, we’ll offer you some tips that can be very useful in order to keep the environment warm in your child’s room. This way, you can guarantee their rest and safety. At the same time, they’ll help keep the electric bill from going through the roof.

Buy thick curtains for use in winter

If you want to prevent the cold from outside penetrating through any cracks in the window, or keep the warmth from escaping, place thick curtains in the room of your little one. The fabrics will prevent this from happening.

A newborn sleeping with a pink cap on.

Take advantage of the sun’s heat

If the sun is shining directly into the room you wish to heat, we suggest you make the most of its rays. During the day or at midday, when the sun is more intense, open the windows and draw the curtains to let the sun’s energy in. If possible, place your child’s bed in such a way that its rays reach it. This way, they’ll naturally warm the mattress, which will make it much more pleasant.

Opt for wooden windows and doors

If you have money available to make an investment, it’s important that you don’t overlook the purchase of wooden windows and doors for your child’s room. Wood is ideal to keep the heat inside and prevent the cold from penetrating.

Make sure the door is kept closed

Even if you want to increase the temperature throughout your home, it’s best to preserve heat in your home room by room. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid leaving the doors of the rooms and all the spaces in your house open. This is the only way to ensure that each room maintains its own separate atmosphere. Above all, the environment of your child’s room, which worries you so much.

A mother watching her sleeping newborn.

Use insulating tape to heat your child’s room

Use adhesive tape, preferably insulating tape, to close any cracks in the walls of the room, door, and windows. This is one of the most economical tips you can find.

Use mosquito netting to ensure a warm environment

Mosquito netting is a gauze cut and sewn in such a way that it can be hung over beds. These tools are popular in some Latin American countries and are used mainly to avoid mosquito bites.

But mosquito nets also have another purpose and that is to keep the interior space quite warm whenever someone lies down on the bed. To keep them warm and protect them from the cold, buy mosquito nets made of the thickest gauze possible and put them on your child’s bed or crib when they go to sleep. This way, they’ll feel less cold.

Place rugs on the floor in winter

The plush textures of carpets can help you a lot to keep the temperature nice and warm. So don’t think twice about padding the floor of your little one’s room.

Trim trees that block the sun

Even though you might think that the lush foliage of a tree in front of your little one’s window might stop the air and cold from coming in from outside, you’d be wrong. Trees freshen the air and air out any room.

As if that weren’t enough, a dense tree that has grown a lot and covers your child’s window will prevent the sun’s heat from penetrating inside. So you’ll be taking away the possibility of using solar energy to heat your home. If you have trees in your garden directly facing the windows, prune them in the winter.

Have a control in your child’s bedroom in winter

There are many children’s clocks that show you the temperature in the room and even the humidity. Therefore, if you have one of these devices, you’ll be able to control the temperature of your baby’s bedroom.

You’ll be able to know the exact temperature inside and modify the environment according to this information, increasing or decreasing the heat depending on the needs of the room or your baby. From now on, you can have better control over the temperature of your baby’s bedroom and they’ll sleep much better!

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