11 Decorating Trends in Baby Rooms

Discover the current decorating trends in baby rooms and start planning which one you want for your little one!
11 Decorating Trends in Baby Rooms

Last update: 02 August, 2022

If you’re already planning the colors and furniture that you’ll put in your child’s room, check out these decorating trends in baby rooms. Surely more than one will make you fall in love!

The idea is not only for you to create a unique and original space, but also one that’s also functional and fun. And also, you want something that adapts to the passing of time and the growth of your little one.

We invite you to discover the trends in children’s decoration that are most popular today. Look at all their details to choose the most appropriate ones for your home and for your baby.

What decorative elements are in style?

In the following list, there are ideas for all kinds of tastes. So, take note and enjoy imagining how your future child will look in each of them.

1. Nature themes

Murals of flowers, plants, leaves, and animals that occupy a single wall are a trend that follows the need of some people to be in contact with nature.

The idea is for you to combine this colorful decorative element with neutral tones on the opposite walls, in order to achieve a balanced atmosphere.

2. Contrast colors

Colors are a very powerful decorative element in children’s decoration, both due to their versatility and their variety.

Therefore, the combination of different shades of the same color range is a trend. You can choose a wall or some furniture to paint in the most intense tone and thus generate a beautiful contrast.

This effect is used when you want to highlight a particular element, such as a light crib on a dark wall. Also, it’s a good resource to “shrink” a very large room or wall in view.

A baby's room decorated in light blue.

3. A classic: Combine black and white

One of the most used contrasts in recent years for babies’ rooms is the classic B&W.

If the combination has the right proportions, the result with these elegant colors is a clean and cozy decoration.

Of course, always keep in mind that the most convenient thing is to make white predominate in order to give the room more spaciousness and luminosity.

4. Geometric designs

Well-defined shapes, such as triangles and rounded ones, such as those of the shabby chic style are widely chosen to decorate baby rooms.

These structures break the monotony of flat walls and square furniture. And in addition, they add a fun air to the room.

5. Use vinyls and stencils

One way to make a change without making major decoration changes is to place decorative vinyl or stencils on the walls and furniture.

The advantage of these elements is that they exist in a great variety of colors, designs, drawings, and figures. In addition, you can have your personalized vinyl with the baby’s name, with a silhouette of an animal, or with cartoon characters.

6. Decorate with polka dots

Polka dots are always attractive and now they’ve become popular what it comes to the decoration of baby rooms.

Whether with vinyl or paints, you can combine them in an infinite number of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs in order to achieve the effect you want: Colorful rooms with colored bubbles, neutral tones for a relaxed style, or with just a few polka dots as a detail.

7. Textiles with color

A trend that’s taking hold is to create a room with neutral colors, such as white or pastels, and place textiles in different shades of the same color.

For example, white walls, light wood furniture, and crib padding, curtains, and rugs in different shades of green. This creates a very beautiful and sophisticated lighting effect.

8. A touch of gold for glam

Placing some golden decorative elements give the room a special light, a touch of magic, and a bit of glamour.

The flashes of gold on a wall, a piece of furniture, or an accessory are increasingly chosen to decorate the rooms of little kings and queens.

9. The genderless theme is gaining strength

The choice of the gender-neutral theme to decorate baby rooms is more and more frequent, as it helps to achieve a calm, relaxed environment without gender definitions.

Using neutral colors and even equipping it with toys of all kinds will make the room adaptable to any child. All the more reason to take it into account in these times.

10. Functionality comes first

Baby rooms are places not only to sleep but also to play, share, and learn. Therefore, a common trend is to build a functional space, decorated with furniture, shelves, drawers, or other storage places within the reach of children.

This way, you’ll make sure that the room fulfills all its functions and that it’s also easy to tidy up.

11. Warm and safe floors

In recent times, floating wooden floors in light tones have been imposed to give greater warmth to the environment.

In addition, they’re much softer and safer for children than porcelain and ceramic tiles. And they have the plus of being super pleasant for the little feet of the little ones.

A mother holding her baby in her baby's room.

When you start to decorate your child’s room, don’t forget that, despite trends, it’s important to give the space your personal touch. In addition, it’s worth taking into account the style of the rest of your house.

The idea is to have a beautiful, cheerful, and welcoming space that feels like home and where you live with your loved ones. But above all, with that added value of your taste, style, and love.

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