My Big Sister, My Best Friend for Life

My big sister is the best companion in my life. There's no better gift my parents could have given me than her.
My Big Sister, My Best Friend for Life

Last update: 09 March, 2022

My big sister is the best companion that life could offer me. She was the best gift my mother could have given me, even before my birth.

My big sister, the best companion in my life

My big sister was, is, and will always be my best friend. She’s nothing more and nothing less than my other half.

She waited for me with a special excitement and got to know me as I came into the world in a way that no one else has been able to. Our relationship was always close and special.

She saw me laugh and cry. She saw me fall and celebrate. She’s the best because she was always there, steadfast, by my side. My big sister has the gift of caring and advising like a devoted mother, but with the ability to do so on my level.

With my big sister, I can be myself, always.

Two girls swinging on a swing from a tree.

In my big sister, I can find a shoulder to cry on for each of my sorrows. And also a pair of ears that manage to make my load lighter. Her arms have the gift of putting together each of my broken parts and making me laugh again.

My big sister, the recipient of my infinite love

The sisterly love between us never decreases. We’re able to find each other in many ways over and over again. And all in all, I feel so grateful to have a sister.

Experiences with an older sister are a treasure for a lifetime. No matter what disagreements or anger may arise, she’ll always be there to offer me her unconditional support and just the right words I need to hear.

When I try to imagine my life without her, I simply can’t. Thank heaven I’ve had her since I was born!

As we grow up, I find that my big sister helps me build and strengthen my own personality. I find her to be a role model and a source of inspiration.

Somehow, she always finds a way to give me the tools I need to face life’s challenges. Better than she could have done. Because she cares so much about me that she wants to save me from making silly mistakes.

My role model

In the beginning, I imitated my older sister in tangible ways. The way she dressed, the ways she expressed herself or interacted with others, her games, her laughter, maybe even in the ice cream flavors she chose. She was always my closest role model.

Even though I may have annoyed her many times by imitating her, in the end, as we grew older, we were able to realize that it was all about genuine admiration.

If I’d never imitated my sister in anything, I wouldn’t have been able to find more commonalities with her. Today we both enjoy the same flavor of ice cream with great pleasure. And all thanks to that first time I decided to order the same as her.

I’m proud to see her grow up and achieve each of her dreams. Therefore, since she was a little girl, her strength and perseverance have motivated me in many aspects. She showed me that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to and that the world is what I make it.

A big sister kissing her baby sibling on the forehead.

When it comes to unconditionality, loyalty, and faithfulness, there’s nothing like an older sister. She’s the one who supports me through thick and thin.

A unique and special relationship

She loves me for all that I am and not in spite of it. She argues with me and is my harshest judge but is still immense in helping me move forward whenever I need it.

Sisterhood is certainly one of the most beautiful forms of bonding that exists in the world. As I said before, my big sister has been the best gift that life has given me.

Her company has been a constant blessing and without her, my life would never be the same. When I look at our pictures, I can only smile with my heart swelling with joy.

I love you a lot, my sister!

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