Love and Laughter: The Keys to a Happy Home

Do you want your children to grow up in a happy home? Then, we'll give you some guidelines on how to achieve it.
Love and Laughter: The Keys to a Happy Home

Last update: 14 February, 2021

The main desire of every parent is to have their children grow up in a happy home. However, sometimes we fall into the clutches of self-demand and forget that happiness and perfection don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Therefore, many mothers feel overwhelmed and guilty for perhaps not stimulating their children intellectually enough. Or for being too permissive, or for not taking care of their nutrition as much as they’d like.

Undoubtedly, all of the above aspects are important. However, you don’t need to provide your children with the newest toys, the most expensive clothes, or the most extraordinary experiences.

What really makes up a happy home is love and laughter. It’s the warm, welcoming atmosphere of being in an environment where everyone is genuinely grateful for each other’s company.

Love and laughter: The foundation of any happy home


All parents love their children and always do what they believe is best for their well-being. There’s no doubt about this. However, loving a child isn’t enough. To make sure they truly live in a happy environment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The child must feel loved. It’s not enough to love our children – they truly need to feel that we love them. To this end, it’s important that parents identify the love language your child uses and adapt to it. If, for example, the child feels loved when their parents kiss and hug them, buying them gifts may not convey this feeling. Let’s be intentional about how we express affection.
  • Love for the child must be unconditional. Every infant should feel completely accepted and welcomed by their parents in spite of the faults or bad behaviors they may commit. Don’t make the mistake of showing love to your child only when they obey or get good grades. Make sure they know that your love for them is unconditional.
  • All family members should show love and respect for one another. Many parents think that loving and caring for their child is enough and that the way they interact, for example with their partner, isn’t so important. However, it’s essential for a child to see their parents as calm and fulfilled, as they’re the most important thing in their world. Children need to witness displays of affection between their parents in order to grow up with a healthy example of love.


On the other hand, it may seem that laughter isn’t an important element in everyday life. However, it brings great benefits. A sense of humor helps to lighten burdens and ease problems. At the same time, it encourages a good disposition and an optimistic attitude towards adversity. This is something we all want to pass on to our children.

At the same time, laughter creates a light and spontaneous atmosphere in the home, which will considerably reduce conflicts and misunderstandings. But, above all, laughing as a family sends a powerful message to the child that their parents really enjoy their company.

Children need to know that you not only care for, nurture, and educate them, but also appreciate their personality, their sense of humor, and the time they share together.

Love and Laughter: The Keys to a Happy Home

Also, as in the previous case, it’s important that these feelings be extrapolated to all family members. When laughter floods a home, it’s a sign that everyone in the home feel fulfilled and grateful for being able to share their lives with others.

A happy home is the greatest gift

There’s no greater gift a child can receive than the opportunity to grow up in a happy home, to wake up and live each day surrounded by loving, positive people who truly appreciate the family they’re a part of. This gives children security, self-esteem, and confidence in the world that will be invaluable to them throughout their lives.

So try to forge this kind of environment. Change attitudes, beliefs or habits if necessary. Make decisions and modifications as necessary so that your life, despite the obstacles we all encounter on a daily basis, will be marked by smiles and love.


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