The Best Digital Reading Platforms for All Ages

Digital reading is becoming increasingly popular over print reading. Read on to discover amazing digital reading platforms!
The Best Digital Reading Platforms for All Ages

Last update: 25 July, 2020

The arrival of new technologies has greatly influenced our lifestyle habits. Years ago, the idea of having access to a lot of books in a small electronic device, like a cell phone, was unthinkable. However, today, digital reading platforms are gaining a lot of ground over traditional print reading due to all the advantages this type of reading offers people.

Due to the fact that people are increasingly choosing digital reading over print reading, numerous platforms have emerged where readers have the possibility of finding many different digital books or e-books. For a fixed subscription price, these platforms offer thousands of e-books for all ages, thus covering all possible user demands.

Below, we leave you with a selection of the best digital reading platforms. This way, you can choose your favorite!

Digital reading platforms within your reach


This digital platform has more than 50,000 books and 80 digital magazines. This is how Nubico attracts the attention of readers. In fact, it’s become one of the best digital reading platforms.

The Best Digital Reading Platforms for All Ages

Nubico offers its subscribers the possibility of having the platform’s e-books on up to five different devices. Thus, you can read anytime, anywhere. As for the subscription options, you can choose between many different ones, including per month, per quarter, semi-annual, or even annual.

In this digital reading platform, you can choose between several different genres or even books in different languages. In addition, you’ll be able to consult the most-read Nubico books, as well as the news that they periodically include.

For all these reasons, it’s a fantastic platform that assures the quality of its electronic books, as it was created by Telefónica and Grupo Planeta.

24 Symbols

One of the top digital reading platforms is 24 Symbols. And, despite fighting against big giants like Amazon or Grupo Planeta, this platform is still one of the best today.

Like the previous option, 24 Symbols also takes both children and young audiences into account, offering books for all ages. On the one hand, you can find youth novels and, on the other, children’s stories.

This platform has many advantages, such as the possibility of enjoying more than a million books, as well as creating your own library, as if it were a real space with books on the shelf.

Also, you can enjoy audiobooks and the books are read directly in streaming. Therefore, one drawback is that this platform can’t be used by readers who use an e-reader as a “book.”

The price is the same as that of the previous platform: $8.99 a month. In fact, it also offers the possibility of an annual subscription.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, one of the most complete digital reading platforms

Amazon, one of the business giants, also has one of the best digital reading platforms on the market. In this case, the platform offers a subscription of $9.99 a month that allows users to access a catalog of more than a million books.

Like the Nubico platform, Kindle Unlimited also allows you to read your e-books in up to six different devices, with a maximum download limit of 10 of them.

The small drawback of this platform is the editorial news. This is because they aren’t included as fast as other platforms. Thus, if you’re looking for news, this isn’t the best platform for it.

As is the case with 24 Symbols, which isn’t supported for e-readers, Amazon only allows this platform for those who have the Kindle system.

The Best Digital Reading Platforms for All Ages


Promoting reading is essential, as it fosters the development of children and young people. For this reason, in this selection of the best digital reading platforms, we wanted to include an option dedicated exclusively to a younger audience.

This is an excellent option to promote reading. In this platform, users can find many digital books suitable for their age at their reach, and they’ll also have the possibility of sharing their opinions about them later.

In addition, Metaforic was created with the idea of being used as an educational tool in classrooms. Thus, it offers both individual and classroom subscriptions. The subscription price is about $50 per year; there’s no other type of subscription.

Therefore, it’s a fantastic tool for:

  • Firstly, using new technologies in the classroom.
  • Secondly, creating a small book discussion group.
  • Thirdly, promoting reading.


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