To My First Daughter: You Showed Me the True Meaning of Love

If you want to give your first daughter an emotional gift that she'll treasure forever, write her a letter that she can read at any time.
To My First Daughter: You Showed Me the True Meaning of Love

Last update: 18 May, 2023

Becoming the mother of a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences you can live when you desire to be a mother. Having the opportunity to see a little girl who represents a part of your essence and history grow up means discovering a new way of loving. This is a letter from a woman to her first daughter, that angel who taught her how to be a mother.

When parents await the arrival of their first child, not only illusion and happiness arise, but also inexperience and worry. Something that’s completely normal, as the birth of a baby completely changes the life of her mother and father. So, if you’re the mom of a baby girl, the following reflection will be something you can relate to.

My dear baby, my first daughter, thank you for teaching me a new way to love

It’s been a few years since you came into my life to completely change the world that seemed so normal up to that point. And I can still remember those talks I had with myself and where I imagined myself with you in the near future. Giving you all my love and seeing myself reflected in your eyes and in your personality.

An Asian mother and daughter smiling.
The connection that mothers have with their daughters is unique and incomparable. So nurture it so you can see it blossom.

The day I realized the great news that you were coming into my life will be a memory I’ll cherish forever in my heart. Because, even though your arrival was desired and sought for a long time, I couldn’t avoid the surprise when the pregnancy test showed those two little stripes that completely change the life of every woman.

I was in my office after several days of feeling strange and decided to buy a test at the pharmacy after work. When I got home, and without saying anything to your father, I locked myself in the bathroom and waited patiently for the result. A thousand questions wandered through my head in just a couple of minutes that felt like hours.

And then, where before there was only the love between the two of us, your parents, the sign of your existence appeared, and everything changed forever. I’m not going to deny it, at the beginning I was a little scared and questioned things like, Am I really ready to be a mom? Is it the right time emotionally and financially? Will I be a good mother? But over the years, I know I made the right decision because now you’re part of my life and you’re in my heart.

The long-awaited news of the arrival of my first daughter

As you know, you weren’t only my first daughter, but also the first granddaughter of the family. So, your surprise arrival into the world filled your grandparents, aunts, and uncles with joy. We all watched with longing and hope as you were growing little by little in my tummy, and we anxiously counted the days until the moment of your birth.

A mother lying on her back in the grass, hugging her little girl.
Since before you were born, I knew that you’d become the love of my life, and now I understand that I was right.

That very day, in the early hours of the morning, I knew that the moment I’d been dreaming of for nine months had finally arrived. And so it was, in a couple of hours, and after a great effort and pain, I had the reward of you in my arms. I could finally give you all my love and my warmth, holding you against my skin.

And although I was flooded with an inexplicable love, my thoughts were also clouded by the emotions of doubt and fear that things wouldn’t go as I expected. However, even though the road hasn’t been easy because I had no idea how to be a mother, I feel that I’ve given you the best version of me so that you can be the person I long for you to be: A strong, free, confident, and independent woman.

Because thanks to you, for being my first daughter, I learned how to be a mother. Your tiny little body full of innocence and illusion gave me the strength to face obstacles and give you my unconditional love every day. And I understood that my goals and objectives had changed and now I looked at life in a more optimistic way.

Thanks to my first daughter for teaching me again to love

I want to thank you, my little princess, for everything you’ve done for me. For showing me the beauty of bubbles on a summer afternoon. The excitement of playing with pets when I came home from school. The joy of enjoying Christmas with the innocence of a child. Thank you for making me find the happiness hidden in simple things.

Sharing my life with you has made me see myself reflected in many of your behaviors and observe how you enjoy the same things I enjoyed at your young age. Thank you for the way we connected from the first second I held you in my arms. And most of all, thank you for being my baby and allowing me to become a mother by your side.

Lastly, I want to apologize for all the times I’ve failed. You must understand that it has never been my intention to hurt you on the path of motherhood that’s being built day by day. Because, even though now I’m not that inexperienced mom who learned to change diapers and take care of your little being, I understand that I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from those mistakes.

So, never doubt my love for you. Because I’ve loved you even before you were born. I will always be your mother and will accompany you on your journey no matter the adversities. You’re one of my greatest sources of energy and inspiration, and I couldn’t be more proud to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady.

I love you,


Dare to write a letter to your first daughter

Letters are one of the most beautiful ways we can express our affection for other people. So we encourage you to write to your little ones as they get older. They’re sure to become beautiful treasures that they can read whenever they need the company and affection of their parents.

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