4 Films About Grandparents and Grandchildren

Today, we'll share with you a list of five beautiful films about grandparents and grandchildren and the special bond they share.
4 Films About Grandparents and Grandchildren

Last update: 14 December, 2022

Watching movies is one of the nicest plans for children to carry out with their grandparents. And if the plot of the film includes the relationship between the two, even more so. We’re talking about a bond that’s usually very deep and special, despite the generation gap. What happens when a child develops a strong bond with a much older person? In this article, we’ll offer you a list of the best films about grandparents and grandchildren and the bond they share. Choose the one you like best and get started!

Movies about the bond between grandparents and grandchildren

Below, we’ll share interesting alternatives to enjoy as a family so you can talk and reflect on these stories.

1. Heidi

A classic for adults, teenagers, or children over six years old. Heidi is based on the novel of the same name by Johanna Spyri, a Swiss writer born in 1827. She brought to life this wonderful story of an eight-year-old orphan girl who’s left in the care of her Aunt Dette and builds a strong bond with her grandfather, despite adversity.

The story has had numerous series and film adaptations, including a Japanese animated version. One of the latest productions was made in 2015 and directed by Alain Gspone, with actress Anuk Steffen stepping into the role of the protagonist. With this version, besides enjoying the precious plot, you’ll be fascinated by the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps.

2. Little Miss Sunshine

This is one of the most relevant films when reflecting on the relationship between a grandfather and, in this case, his seven-year-old granddaughter. Little Olive wants to enter a children’s beauty pageant in California, more than 1200 kilometers away from where they live.

Olive’s family consists of her mother, her father, her soft-spoken teenage brother; her maternal uncle, who lives with them after having attempted suicide; her grandfather, a World War II veteran with a heroin addiction; and Olive. Driven by the girl’s desire, they all embark on a road trip to California, although almost no one wants to be there.

In the film, we see the conflicts of each of the family members, as well as the dynamics that are established between them. As for Grandpa Edwin, he isn’t exactly a warm and cuddly man. However, he has a great impact on Olive’s life, whom he supports unconditionally.

3. Up

Up is an animated film released in 2009 and produced by Disney and Pixar. It deservedly won two Oscars. The plot tells the story of Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old lonely and grumpy widower. Together with Russell, a friendly and optimistic boy scout, he manages to fulfill an amazing dream: To make his house fly  with the help of thousands of helium-filled balloons and thus travel to Paradise Falls in Venezuela. Who would have thought of such an idea?

Russell isn’t Carl’s grandson, but after getting stuck on the porch of his house in mid-flight, he becomes his great friend. Their bond strengthens as they get to know each other more deeply, finally building a relationship of complicity and mutual support, much like that of any grandfather and grandson.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Directed by Tim Burton and starring Jonny Deep, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most endearing movies to watch with grandparents. Charlie is a particularly good little boy who lives in abject poverty with his parents and four grandparents, who share a bed. The little boy gets a golden ticket that represents an interesting invitation to visit the spectacular and gigantic chocolate factory belonging to Willy Wonka, its eccentric founder.

Joe, his paternal grandfather, has worked in the chocolate factory during his youth and is the one who accompanies Charlie on the great adventure. Without a doubt, Joe is one of the most beloved grandfathers in cinema.

The common denominator of these films about grandparents

This list includes film productions for all tastes. Some of them are to be watched by the youngest members of the family, such as Up. Others can be enjoyed between grandparents and teenage grandchildren, such as Little Miss Sunshine.

While these films seem very different from one another, they all share an emphasis on the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Which one will you choose to watch first?

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