Origin and Meaning of the Name Ava

Three letters that exude magic and curiosity. Do you want to know the origin and meaning of the name Ava? Keep reading!
Origin and Meaning of the Name Ava
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

If you know someone named Ava, you’re in luck, because they’re sure to be a unique and authentic person. On the other hand, if you’re considering this precious option when deciding what to name the future queen of the house, today we want to present you with the origin and meaning of the name Ava.

We’ll also share with you all the details about its origin, the secrets hidden in these three magic letters, and explain why it has become a popular choice since the Middle Ages. All this and much more in the following article. Keep reading!

What’s the origin and meaning of Ava?

In medieval times, Ava was a diminutive for a girl. It could be a small remnant of the old Germanic names beginning with Av-. Therefore, some argue that its proto-Germanic root would give rise to its meaning: ‘gua, island’.

However, current research doesn’t yet make clear what the definitive origin of Ava is. Several events are pointed out that offer possible light to discover what meanings this marvelous option hides:

  • Some experts consider Ava to be a girl’s name of Latin origin that means ‘life, bird, water, island’.
  • For others, Ava’s a name of Hebrew origin and alludes to ‘the woman who gives life’. Therefore, it could be a variant of the biblical name Eve.
  • Persians, on the other hand, relate this option to the ‘sweet sound, the voice’. In short, with nature itself and its beauty.

In any case, there’s no doubt that the variety of hypotheses about the origin of Ava is also what makes it even more special. So, Ava’s a name that belongs to the world, and all its meanings give off light, magic, good values, and positivity.

A baby wearing a pink knit cap leaning on a pink plush pillow.
Your baby’s name is something very special and a gift that you give yourself even without knowing her, but as an omen of good attributes.

History of Saint Ava

The saint’s day of Ava is also celebrated and this happens on April 29, in honor of Saint Ava, Catholic saint of the Church. For this reason, make a note of this date if you know someone special with this name or if you want this to be the guardian angel of your little girl (or boy), in case your child was born on this day.

In the original story, Saint Ava was the daughter of Pipino II of Aquitaine. In a magical and surprising way, she was cured of blindness by Saint Rainfredis and later became a Benedictine nun in the province of Hainaut and was elected abbess in the year 845.

An original and booming option

The name Ava is very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. In fact, in 2020, it was the third most popular girl’s name. Undoubtedly, if you’re looking for an original name, there’s no better choice than Ava.

Celebrities with this name

Ava is a very popular option in the American continent, as can be seen with the same figure of Ava Gardner, American actress and Hollywood star of great renown.

Likewise, among other outstanding celebrities who carry this precious name:

  • Ava DuVernay: Film director
  • Ava Max: Singer
  • Ava Michelle: Actress
A pregnant woman holding a crown over her belly.
If you’re expecting a baby girl, be sure to consider this very special name.

Love this three-letter name even more strongly now that you know the origin and meaning of the name Ava

Some parents choose to name their little girl Ave or Avane as diminutives and affectionate variants for their little girl. After all, a woman who is called this way will be so giggly that she’ll always have that little girl inside her, besides having a lot of empathy and a great personality.

There are many secrets that this precious option holds. If you want to discover more, dare to give the future queen of the house this name. Everyone will distinguish her by her name and that will make her even more special.

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