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Maria del Mar Garcia Martin


Philologist specialized in writing and editing content. She is currently studying for a Master's degree in Textual Heritage and Digital Humanities, and, on completion, she will offer private classes in language and literature. She writes poetry and short stories in her spare time, an area in which she combines her two greatest passions: philosophy and philology.

About the author

Graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Salamanca (2021). Currently, she is complementing her training with a Master's degree in Textual Heritage and Digital Humanities at her alma mater. She specializes in the area of textual critical writing and editing.

She has been a private teacher of Language and Literature for commentaries, Spanish, and universal literature, and also as a teacher for secondary education. Her passion for philosophy and art is manifested in Philosophical Cafes, a series of gatherings and discussions held at the IES Fray Luis de León and at the Torrente Ballester Library. She currently combines her Master's studies by working for digital media outlets as a writer and editor. In her free time, she writes mystical poetry and short stories that she shares on her social networks.

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