23 Biblical Names for Girls

If you're looking for a spiritual and historical option, don't miss the best list of biblical names for girls that we'll share today!
23 Biblical Names for Girls
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Have you been told you’re expecting a baby girl and don’t know what to name her? Are you looking for a name with a majestic meaning that will be known all over the world? You’ve come to the right place because today, we’re going to present you with the best biblical names for girls.

If you know the importance of names for Christians, you’ll understand why these are deep, spiritual choices that are full of history and precious meanings.

We’ll accompany you in the search for the best name for your little girl with these alternatives that will make you fall in love. Let’s get started!

List of the 23 best biblical names for girls

“The name tells us the nature, the essence, the history of the one who carries it.”

-Frank Morera

A biblical scroll.
Discover in the Holy Scriptures that name that identifies a special woman. And when you’ve discovered it, give it to your daughter.

Names: from A to J

  1. Abigail: alludes to the ‘joy of the father’. This is how King David’s wife is known.
  2. Ada: a descendant of the fifth generation of Cain, means ‘beautiful woman’.
  3. Anna: for the one who’s always ‘blessed by God’, it’s also the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary and also to the mother of the prophet Samuel.
  4. Belen: this is undoubtedly one of the most special choices in this list, because it commemorates the place where Jesus was born. In other words, it means Bethlehem in Spanish.
  5. Delilah: Samson’s lover, she was the one who cut off his hair and, with this, also his strength. It means ‘to prostrate’.
  6. Deborah: this name alludes to the ‘bee’ and is the name given to one of the most famous Jewish prophetesses.
  7. Dinah: this option means ‘justice’. She’s also the only daughter of the biblical patriarch Jacob.
  8. Esther: alludes to the ‘heavenly star‘. There’s a book in the Old Testament dedicated to this great female figure, in which her great beauty is praised.
  9. Eve: in reference to the ‘giver of life’, she was the first woman created by God.
  10. Jezebel: refers to one of the queens of ancient Israel. However, its meaning is still unclear, although it may allude to the little one who ‘isn’t exalted’.
  11. Judith: she was the one who liberated the Jews from the Assyrian threat. Therefore, this option is honored with a precious meaning, ‘she who comes from the tribe of Judah’.

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Names for Girls: L to Z

  1. Leah: as it appears in Genesis, she was the first wife of Jacob and sister of Rachel.
  2. Lilith: she’s considered to be Adam’s first wife. However, she was condemned to hell for her rebellion.
  3. Mary: refers to the ‘God’s beloved‘. There’s no name more beautiful and that still remains as popular. Undoubtedly, the story of the Virgin has made her the most popular choice for parents around the world.
  4. Magdalena: in the New Testament, Saint Mary Magdalene appears as one of the followers of Jesus, who forgave her sins. Therefore, it means ‘tower of God’.
  5. Miriam: she was one of the great prophetesses of Israel and sister of Moses and Aaron. For this reason, she’s known as the ‘beloved of God’.
  6. Naomi: she’s venerated as a saint and alludes to the ‘joy’ of the personality of Elimelech’s wife.
  7. Priscilla: she was the wife of Aquila and, founding a church in her house, she spread the word of God with him.
  8. Rachel: she alludes to the ‘lamb’ and is the wife of Jacob. Her twelve sons will give rise to the recognized twelve tribes of Israel.
  9. Rebekah: symbolizes the ‘bond’ and appears in the Old Testament as the wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob.
  10. Ruth: she was the great-grandmother of King David and is defined as containing in its meaning a great ‘beauty’.
  11. Sarah: she is the wife of the first patriarch, Abraham. In addition, this name alludes to the ‘princess’ of the house.
  12. Sephora: this is the name of Moses’ wife, who has a traditional Hebrew name that alludes to a ‘bird’.
A painting of Noah's ark and the Bible.
The Bible contains great stories and famous characters that are part of our cultural heritage.

Welcome the little girl of the house with open arms in the company of one of these biblical names for girls

As writer M. L. Heitzmann warns in his work Biblical names in the Catholic saints’ calendar, the names that come from the Bible and have originated in its pages have aroused the curiosity of the faithful for years.

The relationship established between paper and divinity invites Christian parents to honor the great female figures that give life to one of the most widely read works in the world. So, have you also chosen any of these options? Let us know in the comments!

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