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Sandra Golfetto Miskiewicz


She graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. She has worked as a translator of books and videos from English to Spanish, as well as a professional volunteer. She is the editor and founder of MedToday magazine and collaborates with different media in the dissemination of articles related to health.

About the author

Graduated in Medicine from the Central University of Venezuela (2020). During her undergraduate years, she was an ad honorem tutor of Physiology at the "José María Vargas" School of Medicine (UCV) and founder and editor of the digital student magazine MedToday.

She has worked as a translator of English-Spanish medical books for Editorial Elsevier, including Taneja's Complications of Urologic Surgery (2018) and Diagnostic pathology: Intraoperative Consultation. (2018). She has also collaborated as an English-Spanish medical video translator.

She has been recognized as a professional volunteer by the Venezuelan Society for Children and Adults with Autism (SOVENIA) and by the Federation of Private Institutions for Child, Youth, and Family Care (FIPAN). She has several prizes in scientific photography contests in congresses and national medical days. Sh e is passionate about recreational reading and writing. When she was young, she was in ballet, art, and music dance classes, which she continues to practice in her spare time.

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