Instill Values in Children with These Helpful Short Films

Today, we'll present you with eight short films that can instill values in children that will always guide them to be better. Keep reading!
Instill Values in Children with These Helpful Short Films

Last update: 16 January, 2024

Cinema is one of the best tools we have to delve into other people’s realities and learn to appreciate life from other perspectives. It’s also a perfect way to spend quality time with your little ones and teach them lessons that will help them improve as people. So, keep reading and discover some short films that can be helpful when looking to instill values in children.

Being good people with moral values goes beyond good manners. It’s about empathizing with other people’s pain and adversities and learning to be respectful and cordial to others. In that regard, the following list of short films is ideal for sharing with children and then reflecting on the arguments in each of them.

Eight short films that can help you instill values in children

Harnessing the educational power of short films is a great idea when it comes to imparting life lessons that instill great values. Even though they’re children’s entertainment products, their plots go beyond fun and invite both adults and children to meditate on our lives and those of others.

Here are some short films that can help you instill values in children.

1. The Easy life

In life, things aren’t always as easy as we’d like them to be, and we must make an effort to achieve our goals. The plot of the short film revolves around a little girl whose doll does all the homework that she should do by herself, all so that the little girl can play video games on her console as much as she wants.

However, this lack of effort will have consequences that will soon affect her life. This is a short film that invites children to reflect on the value of effort to achieve their goals so that they can mature through dedication and learn to improve themselves without depending on other people to do everything for them.

2. The Present

This short film, which won awards from various festivals around the world, invites us to meditate on physical disabilities from a child’s point of view. It follows the story of a boy who loves video games and his loyal dog, who share a disability that makes their daily lives a little more complicated.

Through its plot, The Present allows children to reflect on the power of self-acceptance, resilience, and respect for other people regardless of their limitations.

3. The Last Knit

Effort and dedication are fundamental pillars in the life of every person to achieve goals and objectives. However, limits and knowing when to give up in the face of possible dangers are also fundamental.

With this beautiful short film, children will learn that sometimes, for their own good, it’s important to recognize when to withdraw in time, without that being a defeat they need to feel ashamed of.

4. Zero

Hurtful comments and discrimination are common problems in most schools that must be eradicated at home. This short film revolves around a number zero, who must endure the ridicule of others because of his low value.

However, Zero, despite the criticism of others, knows that he must enjoy the little things that life has to offer. He faces adversity by recognizing the great value he possesses and with the help of a special person who appreciates in him what others refuse to observe.

5. Piper

Leaving our comfort zone to venture into new challenges is a fear that at some point grips everyone. But beyond the fears that may cause us to venture into the unknown, it’s essential to find in ourselves the inner strength necessary to keep from giving up.

This short film by Pixar tells the story of little Piper, a shy little bird who’s afraid to leave his nest to go clam hunting on the beach like the other birds. It’s a proposal that invites children not to give up and teaches them that facing those fears can be more fun and exciting than staying in their safe place.

6. Reach

Solidarity and altruism for others are values that should be cultivated from childhood so that children learn to be empathetic in unfair situations. This incredible short film takes us by the hand of its main character, who finds himself traveling in an almost dying desert in search of some water to quench his thirst.

But, to everyone’s surprise, when he finally finds what he wanted so much, he has no qualms about giving his precious treasure to someone who needs it more than he does. And, as in this life, good deeds born from the heart are rewarded, his act of solidarity will be rewarded. Reach is a story for children to learn to share what they have with those in need.

7. Partly Cloudy

This beautiful Pixar short film teaches children about the importance of the value of friendship and teamwork. It tells the story of a stork and a cloud who become great friends as they share their work of creating and bringing babies to their new happy parents.

It’s a friendship that’s so sincere and pure that it’s capable of overcoming even the most difficult obstacles. It’s a perfect short film for children to learn to value their friendships and accept them as they are, regardless of their virtues and flaws.

8. For the birds

Discrimination, exclusion, and stereotypes are negative attitudes that should never be allowed. Even more so in a world where difference is what makes each of us unique and special.

This short film addresses the issue of respect for others from a fun perspective. It invites children to always respect all people, regardless of their physique or their particularities by teaching that we all deserve to be treated with respect and that we shouldn’t be judged by our nature.

Go ahead and watch these short films that can help instill values in children

Now that you know some of the most beautiful short films that can help you educate your little ones regarding positive values, it’s time to choose your favorites and organize a marathon with your children. This way, not only will you be sharing quality family time, but you’ll also teach them great lessons that will stay with them forever.

Finally, remember that for children to internalize and understand all the reflections shared in the short films, after each one, you should accompany them as they meditate on what they’ve just seen. This way, your little ones will be able to talk to you in their own words about what they understood, and you as a parent, will be able to complement the message with your opinions.

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