I Already Have My Own Children, But I'll Always Need My Mom

No matter the time that passes or the difficulties that come my way, I'll always need the love and support of my mom.
I Already Have My Own Children, But I'll Always Need My Mom

Last update: 05 June, 2023

Time doesn’t stop to wait for anyone, and as hard as it may be to accept that we’re no longer children, family comes first. Even though I have my own children, I will always need my mom. She was the woman who loved me even before I was born and who taught me how to become the person I am today.

Life is a long road full of lessons in which you never stop learning. And although there are some experiences that can only be lived when we have our own children, the truth is that looking back, there are only words of affection to thank for all the sacrifices that our mothers faced in order to fulfill (and continue to fulfill) their role as our guides.

Even though the years go by, I will always need my mom

Before we became mothers and fathers, we didn’t value enough all the unconditional love that moms keep in their hearts for their little ones, no matter their age. This leads us to normalize acts of deep affection that we can only clearly appreciate when we ourselves are the ones who perform them. And in doing so, we can realize that they were always right when they told us, “You’ll understand when you have children of your own.”

Grandmother, mother, and daughter posing for a picture.
When we become mothers and fathers, we realize all the effort and love that our mother has always given us.

Motherhood and fatherhood come hand in hand with a myriad of feelings and emotions that only those who are fortunate enough to have children can experience. That’s why now, as the years go by, we should only feel grateful for the courage and determination our mothers must have had to raise their little ones in the best possible way.

For it’s only at the moment when our children come into the world and our hearts are filled with the most sincere happiness and love, that we can be aware that our moms also went through the same thing. And those feelings continue to accompany them day by day because no matter how many years go by, a mother will always be there to listen, help, and advise her little ones.

Thank you for all your effort, Mom

Mothers are one of the strongest bonds in most people’s lives. There’s no love more sincere and pure than the love a mother has for her children. Moms aren’t only responsible for raising us and guiding us through how difficult the world can be, but they also knew how to be present with respect and support when we went through sad and difficult times. 

Mother and daughter, face to face.
When our moms start to get older is when they most need the love and company of their children.

And, even though time continues to advance in the lives of both, and we’re no longer children who need to be cared for, moms will always be by our side to comfort us and advise us when things don’t go well. Because, even though we haven’t lived under the same roof for years and I now have children of my own, the bond we share is unbreakable and I’ll always need my mom.

During our first decades, my mom was responsible for giving us her warmth and affection. And even though we’re now adults with parental responsibilities and obligations, we children will always need our mothers’ love.

Because, without them, without their education and values, we wouldn’t be the people we are today.

No matter the time and difficulties, I’ll always need my mom

The mother figure in children’s lives doesn’t wither away as time goes by. For, no matter the difficulties or the passing of the years, we will always be able to learn something from her. And although it’s also true that not everything in life is rosy and there have been times when we weren’t so close, the mutual love that a mother feels for her child will unite them forever.

Many people think that by gaining independence and becoming fathers or mothers, the connection they felt for their mother would diminish; but that’s far from reality. In the arms and eyes of our mothers, we’re still their little children and they’re still our guides and protectors. Because the emotional and physical support they provide is unique and unmatched.

And maybe now that we have our own children or personal goals the reality is somewhat different than it was a few years ago. However, both men and women can be completely certain that there’s only one mother in the world. For, no matter what twists and turns fate takes, her arms will always be the refuge to rest in when things don’t go as we thought they would. For these and many more things, thank you, Mom.

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