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Sara Sanchis


About the author

Has a Degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia. In 2001 she continued her training in the field of prevention and individual and social intervention.

In recent years, she has carried out a personal and professional itinerary in the field of Humanist and Body Therapies and, with her recent maternity, she has incorporated the areas of Respectful Parenting and Accompaniment for Maternity and Paternity. Her focus is on accompanying adults in their personal growth, in order to heal any childhood wounds which may hinder their life trajectory and, specifically, their interaction with children.

Recently, as a result of all this personal and professional development, she has published the story "And if we all had a Big Red Heart?" through the Red Circle Publishing House. In it, she underlines the importance of reviewing our mental programming in order to be able to bring up our children respectfully.