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Marián Carrero Puerto


A psychologist specialized in mindfulness. She is a collaborator at the Renacer Psychology Center and a professor at the International University of Valencia. She has participated in research projects, international conferences, and as a disseminator. She explores the latter area as a writer and editor of magazines related to psychology.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Jaén (2012). She has a Master's degree in Behavioral Psychology (2019), in Mindfulness from the University of Zaragoza (2020) and in Positive Psychology from her alma mater (2021). She has also taken a series of courses on mindfulness, an area she has specialized in at work.

Marián is a psychologist specializing in mindfulness at the Renacer Psychology Center. She has worked as a researcher for the University of Jaén and is a collaborating professor at the International University of Valencia since 2018. There she works as a teacher on the Master's degree in Third Generation Therapies and in the Master's degree in General Health Psychology. She has participated in international conferences and works as a disseminator in magazines related to psychology.

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