5 Reasons to Plan a Second Pregnancy

5 Reasons to Plan a Second Pregnancy

Last update: 31 October, 2017

Many times, the second pregnancy does not require planning, it only comes as a surprise. However, those couples who are determined to have more than one child can begin to plan immediately after the first. There are hundreds of reasons to have a second child, although there are certain factors to take into account before planning a second pregnancy.

Once the intervals and physical qualities of the parents have been medically evaluated to have another child, the rest is a matter of time. In general, a couple may have many reasons to want to become two-time parents, although the conditions are not always right.

reasons to have a second pregnancy

In this case, the most valuable thing is love and the willingness to grow the family. Sometimes, the most common reason for planning a second pregnancy is the need to give a sibling to the older child, something that in my opinion is a bit selfish towards the unborn child.

However, many mothers have said they are fond of pregnancy, value the feeling of carrying a child in the womb and all the changes that occur, whether emotionally, physically or mentally. Women with these characteristics will always be able to justify motherhood.

Why plan a second pregnancy?

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A mother who is happy may have hundreds of reasons to become a mother again, but there are some that deserve full recognition. In this opportunity, we detail at least five reasons to feel more confident that it is the right decision.
  • The couple is strengthened, because they have a common goal, which is full of love and looks towards the future, thinking about family and happy moments.
  • It is an ideal time to create healthy habits. To ensure a pregnancy without complications we must improve our diet and eliminate risky habits, such as smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Relive the happiness and goodwill of the grandparents and the rest of the family. During pregnancy, we receive more blessings, we are more spoiled and look at us with more tenderness.
  • We connect with the energy that gives life and makes us feel in harmony with nature. We grow as a person, we recognize the value of our mothers and we pride ourselves on being a woman.
  • It will be a different experience worth living, our expectations for the future grow, because we are generating life and we want to live much more to enjoy the family we have created.

How to know if we are ready to plan a second pregnancy?

One of the advantages of planning a second pregnancy is that, in some way, it is guaranteed that the baby will start its growth in a healthy and controlled manner. To begin, the first step is to seek the evaluation of a specialist, who will determine if favorable conditions exist for pregnancy.

The doctors will evaluate factors such as the age of the parents and the current child, the intervals between the birth of one and the other. In addition, they will indicate if the administration of vaccines or any medication is necessary if there is a need to control any disease.

We will know that we are ready, not only because we want it, but also because a doctor has given us the go-ahead to start preparing for a second child. In this case planning requires identifying our fertile days and adapting our habits to improve the possibilities.

Other aspects to consider are stress levels, lifestyle and economic stability. In this sense, those issues are recommended to be solved properly, as they may threaten a healthy pregnancy; as we must fill ourselves with positive energy and look for coherent reasons to improve our situation.

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Depending on the time interval in which both children are born, there are advantages and disadvantages. If they are very close in age, they will be raised as equals, both babies and without many additional benefits; but when some time has passed between births, both children will be raised as unique individuals, because they will live their childhoods separately.

Whatever the case, a family should always be ready to receive their children with love. Although we know that planning it can fill us with joy and renew our hope. All children are welcome, a reason for joy, reconciliation and a desire to keep fighting.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.