7 Things that 4-year-olds Need to Know

7 Things that 4-year-olds Need to Know

Last update: 22 October, 2017

As the years go by and generations change, children learn much faster and are more adapted to technology. But naturally, many mothers worry about their children’s knowledge and constantly ask themselves questions like: What are the things that 4-year-olds need to know?

Before answering this question, we need to take into account that each child develops in his own time, and we should never rush our child’s learning. If a child hasn’t learned certain things yet, in time he will acquire the knowledge naturally.

Things that 4-year-olds need to know:

1. How much you love them, and that you will always be there, unconditionally, no matter what happens. It is very important that your child is aware of this. Being affectionate and attentive with your children does not mean you are spoiling them.

2. That they are safe and protected. 4-year-olds need to know that they are safe, even when they are around people they don’t know or they find themselves in a new environment. Your child needs to know that you are there to protect her.

3. When something is okay and when it is not. When meeting someone new, your child should trust his own instincts and never do anything that is inappropriate or against your values.

4. Your 4-year-old needs to know her rights and that she can always count on her family. She needs to know that whatever her situation, she can always talk to one of you about it.

5. Among other things that a 4-year-old should know, is that it’s good to laugh, have fun, and enjoy his imagination and creativity. He needs to know there’s nothing wrong with enjoying his age and developing a sense of humor.

6. Your child should know it’s ok to like the things he likes, and dedicate himself to them. He should know that although he doesn’t enjoy numbers, he can draw or study spaceships and dinosaurs. At some point he’ll learn more about numbers.

7. Your child should know that the world is magical and that she also has many qualities. Her creativity, intelligence and personality are just as important as things like practicing phonics. In fact, they’re even more important.

things 4-year-olds need to know

Parents also need to know some things:

1. Every child has his own rhythm. Your children will learn to walk, speak, read and do math at their own pace. There’s nothing wrong if your child takes a bit longer to achieve certain goals. It’s never a good idea to put too much pressure on your children.

2. Reading is fundamental for the academic development of children. Reading to learn from a young age has a direct influence on performance and good grades in the future. The time that mom and dad spend reading good books together with their children will do much more for them than the best schools or parenting manuals.

3. Good grades in school don’t necessarily mean that a child is happy. Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood without pressure and tension. We often worry about our children having certain qualities, and we forget to make sure they are happy. Children have the right to live a worry-free childhood.

4. Creative and didactic toys should always be present in our children’s lives. It’s good for children to explore books, to play “kitchen”, and to have LEGOs, play dough, musical instruments, etc. They should be surrounded with opportunities to have fun and enjoy their imagination.

It’s also beneficial for children to get fresh air while playing outdoors. This gives your child the opportunity to run, jump and move around, obtaining many benefits for his mental and physical health.

5. Our children need us. You should always be available for your children. It’s natural that sometimes you need to rest and take time to relax, but it’s not good for your children to only find refuge in video games, sports and extracurricular activities. They need their parents much more than any of that.

Dedicating time to your children, as much as you can, is vital to maintaining a good parent-child relationship. Our children need to know how much we love to be with them.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

-Tom Robbins-

girl blowing bubbles in the park

So please don’t worry so much about what things your 4-year-old should know. Your child will learn the things she needs to know naturally. Name the fruits you give her, count out loud when you’re with her, tell her what color things are, and read with her.

It’s all about the way in which you teach your child. Nothing should involve pressure or time tables, but should rather be as spontaneous as possible. The mental health of our children should be our first concern.


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