The Appearance of Stains on Permanent Teeth

The Appearance of Stains on Permanent Teeth

Last update: 16 April, 2018

If you want to smile without any hesitation, you’d better adopt healthy habits. Stains on permanent teeth can appear on anyone. Here are a few tips to prevent them.

Having healthy white teeth is everyone’s desire. Sadly, the appearance of stains on permanent teeth is a natural process that we’ re all exposed to.

That’s why it’s one of the most prominent dental issues. These stains can be caused by certain medications, bad hygiene or genetics.

There are several types of stains that are identifiable by their color. When you know which kind of stain you have, you can take the steps to eliminate it effectively.

Nowadays dental aesthetics have become a trend and there are many innovative whitening treatments available.

Types of stains on permanent teeth

The darkening of teeth represents a constant threat that affects both permanent and temporary teeth.

According to the color of the stain, you can identify its possible cause. The most common dental stains are the following:

White stains

These can be caused by:

  • Cavities: When cavities are in their initial stage, a white area can be seen on the teeth due to the demineralization of the enamel. These stains can be eliminated with the application of a special fluorine.
  • Fluorosis: Its detection is very easy due to its mottled appearance. It’s caused by the excessive use of fluoride from an early age. In some counties, drinking water containing a large amount of fluoride damages teeth.

Brown stains

These stains are due to bad eating habits. These are superficial stains and they’re usually lodged in the internal part of the teeth.

They are caused by the consumption of dark beverages such as coffee, cola and red wine. They can also be caused by smoking. Nicotine causes alterations in the tooth’s original color.

“Stains on teeth are a natural process that we’re all exposed to.”

Gray stains

These stains occur due to trauma. When a tooth is affected by a hit or a fall, which might be the result of a fight or an accident, it changes its natural color to a grayish tone due to pulpal necrosis. Pulpal necrosis is the death of the nerve inside the tooth,

In extreme cases, the person may experience discomfort while chewing and they might need endodontics to relieve their pain.

The Appearance of Stains on Permanent Teeth

Black stains

These can be caused by:

  • Mouthwash: These products contain an antibacterial substance called chlorhexidine. When excessively consumed it can cause black spots. Its appearance depends on factors such as the concentration of chlorhexidine and the duration of its use.
  • Tartar: This is very common in people suffering from diseases such as periodontitis. Plaque turns into tartar that lodges on the surface of the teeth. This can cause bad breath and loss of the enamel.

“There are dental products that should not be applied without the proper supervision of a dentist. In order to avoid these kinds of stains, consult your doctor before using new products.”

Green stains

These stains are caused by poor oral hygiene. They’re found on the bottom of the teeth and they’re very common in children and teens who don’t have proper dental hygiene.

Not brushing can cause bacteria to lodge on the teeth and gums. After a long period of time this causes phenazine which in turn produces the decomposition of blood in the gums.

Yellow stains

Their main cause is dental-bacterial plaque which is caused by the decomposition of food remains. This combined with bad brushing habits can cause teeth to take on this tone.

3 ways to eliminate these kinds of stains

These stains can be prevented by frequent visits to your dentist. They might suggest one of the following treatments:

Dental cleaning

This is a deep cleaning that is done by a professional in which they can remove stains, tartar lodged under the gums and dental-bacterial plaque.

At least two dental cleanings are recommended every year. This will help guarantee healthy gums and cavity-free teeth.

The Appearance of Stains on Permanent Teeth

Tooth whitening

This is an aesthetic treatment in which active ingredients are applied to the teeth that penetrate and help eliminate stains on the inside and out.

It’s surprisingly effective, you can get glossy teeth and a brighter smile.

Dental rings

These are a kind of cover which is used on teeth that have permanent stains. It is especially used on stains that are caused by medications or excessive use of fluoride.

It’s best to prevent the appearance of these stains on permanent teeth. Don’t wait until they appear in order to begin taking care of your teeth.

Keep in mind that, just like many other conditions, they can be avoided with simple everyday measures.

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