Your Arms are the Only Jewel I Want to Have on my Neck

Your Arms are the Only Jewel I Want to Have on my Neck

Last update: 05 November, 2017

Some people dream of one day having their own home, others of being rich and powerful. Many want to have lots of money, the best high-end car or the most prized and distinguished objects. I just want to have the most beautiful jewel on my neck: your arms.

I do not need expensive pearl necklaces or distinguished diamond chokers. These items do not fill my heart and soul. And like other non-material goods, they may have a higher financial value, but of course they do not reach half the symbolic value of what makes me happy.

Your arms bring me joy because they have an unprecedented emotional value. Their price can not even be compared to all the gold in the world. They have a greatness and a unique meaning that only a mother could understand and experience this crazy feeling or exclusively maternal preference.

My child, let me confess my one desire in this life. Your arms are the only jewel I want on my neck. There is no other pretense than to give me the pleasure of pampering you with whatever you need, for you and to me. To express all the love I feel for my dear child, and to feel loved by the most wonderful being I have ever known.

your arms are the most beautiful jewel on my neck

Through those hugs, those moments that I hold you in my arms, I feel that our connection could not be more perfect. Pure, immaculate, unconditional. The bond that unites us is eternal, infinite. For that very reason, you are and will forever be my favorite relic throughout my life.

“Mother: the most beautiful word pronounced by the human being”

-Phrase from Khalil Gibran-

Your arms on my neck, sign of a love without bounds

Since you came into the world, my neck elegantly shines with the distinction of my best jewel: your arms. That jewel that is nothing more than the reflection of a really deep love. A sign of nothing more and nothing less than a love without bounds.

Your arms on my neck teach me about one of the most sacred bonds. The threads of love uniting two souls that had once been joined by a cord and were previously part of the same person. Now, that union appears through nothing less than your small and expressive extremities.

This wonder that I boast so much about since I received my favorite title, “mother”, is the one that brings me closer to you. It gives me signs that all my effort and sacrifice have borne fruit. Everything I’ve done to have you here today has definitely been worth it.

I sense your perfume. That intoxicating, addictive smell of life captivates my senses every night and every day. I can hear your fragile breathing and the beat of your heart. I shudder to understand that now you hear my heart again, but from another perspective.

For nine months, you listened to me from within. Today, your arms get stuck to me, from the crazy outside world. Today, I am still your refuge and cradling you with my body, I am also the one who shelters you and gives you warmth.

Your arms, the treasure of my life

your arms are the most beautiful jewel on my neck

Your arms really are my treasure. The most beautiful gift that could have given me life. In those little hands that are hooked to stay forever tied to my neck, I find everything I need to be happy.

I find calm, and I breathe peace. Above all, an inexplicable joy invades my soul. I feel happiness overflowing within me. I rediscover the meaning of love. I experience my own being as something completely different from what I had previously known.

It’s just that I’ve never been so important to anyone. I understand that I am your world. I also understand that you are mine. You have become that light that illuminates my path. That anecdote completes the history of our life. The cane on which I rely to stand and fight every day.

Your arms are for me that guide that indicates where I must go. You are simply everything that is right. That’s why, love, you’re the only jewel I want to wear forever on my neck. My biggest reason for pride and satisfaction. The pearl or the diamond capable of arousing my admiration and devotion every day of my life.

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