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Miriam Barriga Sánchez


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Graduated in Nursing from the University of Salamanca in 2015, Miriam later specialized in her Master's Degree in Care Integration and Resolution of Clinical Nursing Problems from the University of Alcalá in 2016. Likewise, she has the title of Specialist Nurse in Obstetric-Gynecological Nursing (Midwife) given by the Teaching Unit of Midwives of the Basque Country, which she obtained in 2018.

Currently, Miriam works in the National Health System as a midwife, both in the hospital setting and in primary care, in different hospitals such as the Complejo Asistencial Universitario de Salamanca and the Health Centers of Capuchinos, Miranda del Castañar, and Linares de Riofrio (Salamanca).

She is interested in motherhood and women's sexual and reproductive health, and has also collaborated with the School for Parents. Department of Youth, Children and the Elderly of Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, with an informative session entitled "Breastfeeding: a global vision".

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