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Mónica Heras Berigüete


A journalist specialized in fashion, decoration, and style. She has a trajectory of more than 20 years collaborating with audiovisual media, either coordinating projects, managing content, or as an article writer. She is passionate about nutrition, sports, and education.

About the author

Has a Degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the Intercontinental University (1997). In 1996 Mónica Heras did her internship in television production at Televisa and later worked as an editor at QUO magazine. Since then she has served as a writer and media planner for a variety of digital platforms.

Her work for 10 years as coordinator and editor of the fashion sections in Cuore and InTouch magazines stands out. She is currently a contributing writer at Wallkie; a copywriter at Señor Gordo and an online editor of the decoration magazine El Mueble. She has also been in charge of content and social media at Lorda Events. Her interests include fashion, movies, education, travel, nutrition, and beauty.

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