9 Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant in an Original Way

If you're looking for an original way to tell your partner you're pregnant, you'll find lots of great ideas here. Keep reading!
9 Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant in an Original Way
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 17 February, 2023

Are you having a baby? Congratulations! You’re about to start one of the most exciting adventures of your life. If you’ve found out the news on your own, now all that’s left is to tell your partner that you’re pregnant. And what better way to do it than in an original way?

In the following article, we’ll bring you several of the most fun and tender ideas to surprise the family with this happy news. Personalize it and make it a very special moment for everyone.

How to tell your partner that you’re pregnant

For many couples, the desire to increase the size of their family is such that when they finally become pregnant, they become overwhelmed with happiness.

There are women who, either by choice or because it catches them by surprise, find out that they’re pregnant on their own. If this is your case, the time has come to tell your partner, and what better way to do it than by using your creativity?

1. Prepare a treasure hunt

If you and your partner like games, then there’s nothing better than organizing a scavenger hunt to tell them the news. You can put clues all over the house and challenge them to do all kinds of tests, with the promise that they’ll get an unbeatable prize. At the end of the game, they’ll find the pregnancy test. Keep your camera handy to record their face when they discover it.

2. Math classes

Make a mural on the wall with a picture of you, another picture of your partner, a plus sign between the two, and after the equals sign, write the number three. It may take a moment for it to sink in, but we’re sure they’ll be jumping for joy in no time.

3. Tell your partner you’re pregnant with a hidden message

A woman with a positive pregnancy test in her back pocket.

Have you heard of belly painting? It’s all about making beautiful drawings on the bellies of pregnant women. In general, these are ideas that are done during baby showers and your friends can be the artists.

However, in this case, suggest you write a message on your belly to announce the news and let your partner discover it. How? Well, that’s up to your imagination.

4. At the supermarket

If you go shopping together, take the opportunity to let them know that you’ll need to buy some extra items. Try putting a baby product in the cart, such as a pack of diapers so that it’s more obvious and they notice it sooner. Act naturally and give them time to react – you’ll blow them away!

5. Make a home video to tell your partner you’re pregnant

Put your creative skills to the test and record a video to tell them the happy news. It depends on how good you are at image and sound.

You can also make a video of your favorite photos and finish with a sign announcing your pregnancy. Or else, record your message in front of the camera, as you’ll be the director of the next movie.

6. Ask your pet for help

If you have a pet at home, involve it in this special moment: Tie a small sign around its neck and have it bring it to your partner. See the look on their face when they read it! Check out this Pinterest idea.

7. A T-shirt with a message

Another idea that we think is great is to have a T-shirt made to announce the baby’s arrival. Tell your partner that you have a gift for them or that you simply passed by a shop window and you thought they might love it. When they open it, they’ll discover the secret you’ve been keeping. Of course, you can also make yourself a shirt and wear it casually around the house until they notice!

8. A strange decoration

You can also fill the house with baby objects, such as a pacifier on the living room shelf, a bottle on the kitchen counter, or a onesie on the clothesline. Sprinkle the different spaces in your home with anything that might catch their attention and make it clear that soon there will be one more member in your family.

9. Ask the baby’s siblings to get involved

If it’s not your first baby, have the sibling or siblings be the ones in charge of telling your partner you’re pregnant. For example, in this photo you’ll find here, the big sister has the words “big sis” written on her feet. Don’t you think it’s adorable?

A happy couple holding up a pregnancy test.

Enjoy this unforgettable moment in the best way!

Surely you’ve already found a way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant. You can make it as special as you like and whenever you can, record the moment for posterity.

There are plenty of other ideas, such as baking a cake with a message inside, hanging your first ultrasound in the living room, or sending a package full of surprises. Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re too anxious to put a lot of planning into the event, you can just send this article to your partner and they’ll be sure to get the message!


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