103 Girl Names Beginning with the Letter S

If you still don't know what you're going to name your baby, be sure to check out this list of girl names that start with the letter S.
103 Girl Names Beginning with the Letter S
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Last update: 20 May, 2023

If you’re expecting and you don’t know what to name your baby, you’ve come to the perfect place. On this opportunity, we’ve prepared for you a list of girl names that start with the letter S.

We’ll give you the meaning and tell you about the origin of each one of them so you can have all the information you need to decide which one suits your tastes and needs. Are you ready? Take note!

Some girl names that start with the letter S

We know how many things are on your mind right now, from preparing your home to visits to the doctor, the birth plan and, to top it all off, the choice of the perfect name.

You’ve already been told that you’re going to have a girl, but you have so many options for names that you can’t make up your mind. Not only should you look for one that you like, but also one that matches the last name and sounds harmonious. With all this in mind, we want to offer you a list of girl names that begin with the letter S. Shall we start?

Girl names that begin with the letter S, in alphabetical order

Sabina: This is a girl’s name of Latin origin. Its meaning is “from Sabina.” The Sabines were a pre-Roman people of central Italy, located on the banks of the Tiber River, north of Rome.

Sabrina: This is also of Latin origin and means “she who lives on the other side of the border.” According to a Welsh legend, Sabrina was the illegitimate daughter of a king and a princess.

Saida: A name of Arabic origin, meaning “happy, fortunate, hunter.”

Saidi: This is a variant of Sarah and is of Hebrew origin. It represents a “princess.”

Saiko: A name of Japanese origin meaning “serene girl.”

Salama: Egyptian name, for a “supporter of peace.”

Salma: A name of Arabic origin, meaning “to be safe.”

Salome: A name of Hebrew origin meaning “the magnificent.”

Samantha: Also a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “the one who listens.”

Samara: Another name of Hebrew origin. It’s a variant of Samira, which means “protected of God.”

Samita: This is also an Arabic name and means “companion of nightly conversation.”

Sanam: A beautiful name of Arabic origin whose meaning is “beloved.”

Sandra: This is of Greek origin, and it means “to drive away the enemy.”

Sara: Of Hebrew origin and symbolizes a “princess.”

Saray: This was the name of Abraham’s wife before Yahweh baptized her as Sara.

Sarisha: This is a beautiful name of Hindu origin and it means “charming.”

Saura: This name is also of Hindu origin and it represents the “adored sun.”

Savannah: This name of French origin means “a plain without trees.”

Scarlett: This name is also of French origin and represents the color “red.”

Selene: This is a name of Greek origin that means “the moon, light.” She’s the sister of Helios, the god of the Sun, and Eos, the Dawn.

Selina: Of Latin origin, it’s a variant of the French Céline.

Selma: This is the abbreviation of Anselma and the variant of the Arabic name Salma.

Serafina: A Hebrew name meaning “snake.”

Serena: Of Latin origin, meaning “calm.”

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The name of your future baby is the first and greatest gift that will accompany her for the rest of her life.

More names for your baby

Shadia: Of Arabic origin, this name means “beautiful voice.”

Shakira: Means “grateful’ in Arabic.

Shaila: A name of Hindu origin, it means “daughter of the hill.”

Shamila: Also Arabic and means “she who’s of a pleasant nature.”

Shanaya: Of American origin, means “the grace of God.”

Shantal: A name of Hindu origin and that represents “peace.”

Sharon: Is of Hebrew origin and means “fertile plain.”

Sheila: A Celtic name meaning “hidden.”

Shelby: A Nordic name that means “willow.”

Shirley: Also of Celtic origin and means “bright.”

Sibilla: Is of Greek origin, the feminine name by which the priestesses of Apollo were known.

Sia: Of Welsh origin, meaning “fresh.”

Sila: This name is of Turkish origin and means “nostalgic.”

Silvia: A name of Latin origin meaning “forest or jungle.”

Simona: This name is also of Hebrew origin and means “God has heard.”

Sofia: A name of Greek origin, it means “wisdom.”

Sol: Of Latin origin, it means “sun” and refers to the Sun god.

Solagne: A very common name in France, it’s of Latin origin and means “solemn.”

Sonia: This is the Russian hypocoristic of Sofia, a name of Greek origin to symbolize “wisdom.”

Soraya: A Persian name that means “princess.”

Suni: Of Korean origin, it represents “goodness.”

Suri: A name of Hebrew origin, it means “princess.”

Susana: Also Hebrew and means “white flower.”

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Let yourself be enchanted with this thematic list of names. Pronounce them out loud until you find one that you like.

You’re sure to have found the perfect name for your little one. If not, take a look at the other lists we have for you. On our site, you’ll find thousands of varied options: Elvish names, others inspired by the sea or literature, and more. Let us know what you think!

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