120 Norwegian Names for Girls

Norwegian names for girls are all the rage! We invite you to see the most complete list so that you can choose the one you like the most.
120 Norwegian Names for Girls

Last update: 28 December, 2021

Viking stories are popular these days, so the use of Norwegian names for girls is a current trend. In this article, you’ll find many allusions to the mythology and worldview of the Norse, an ancient culture, pioneers in explorations and discoveries of new lands. And what’s even better, they still hold some magic and mystery. Keep reading to discover the most beautiful Norwegian names for girls!

Listed from A to D

  • Agathe: Norwegian form of the name Agatha.
  • Alfdis: means “spirit”.
  • Amdis: is the “spirit of the eagle”.
  • Andras: means “breath”.
  • Angerbotha: means “giant”.
  • Angrboda: variation of Angerbotha.
  • Anna: comes from the Hebrew Channah.
  • Annik: Short for Anniken.
  • Anniken: diminutive of Anna.
  • Arndis: Norwegian name meaning “goddess of the eagle”.
  • Asdis: means “divine spirit”.
  • Aslaug: Originating in Old Norse, it probably means “promised to God”.
  • Asta: means “tree”.
  • Astlyr: means “divine force”.
  • Assa: short for Astrid, name of the goddess of beauty.
  • Astrid: modern form of the old name Ástríðr.
  • Astrud: variant of Astrid.
  • Aud: means “rich”.
  • Audney: It means “new wealth”.
  • Bera: means “spiritual”. A lovely name for your baby!
  • Bergdis: means “protective spirit”.
  • Bjørg: means “protection”.
  • Brisingamen: name of Freya’s necklace.
  • Brunhilda: means “fighting woman”.
  • Brynhild: Norwegian variant of Brunhilda.
  • Brynja: it’s the way of referring to “darkness”.
  • Cathrine: form of Catherine.
  • Cecilie: Nordic variant of Cecilia.
  • Christin: from Kristin which means “follower of Christ”.
  • Dagmar: Norse name meaning “daughter”.
  • Dagny: means “the new day”.
  • Dale: synonym of “valley”.
  • Dalenna: variant of Dale.
  • Dayle: is another form of Dale.
  • Disa: means “the one who has courage”.
  • Draupnir: Norwegian name that refers to Odin’s magic ring.
A lake among the mountains of Norway.

Norwegian names listed from E to K

If you haven’t found the right one yet, we have many more to offer you.

  • Edda: means “poetry”.
  • Eir: means “peace”.
  • Eldrid: means “brave spirit”.
  • Elin: Scandinavian form of Helen.
  • Ellinor: Scandinavian variant of Eleanor.
  • Ellisif: means “consecrated to God”.
  • Eridan: means “always powerful”.
  • Erna: it means “capable”.
  • Frida: name of Germanic origin.
  • Fredryka: Norwegian form of Federica.
  • Freydis: means “noble woman”.
  • Freya: derived from Norwegian mythology.
  • Frigga: name of the goddess of matrimonial love.
  • Gerda: means “protection”.
  • Gina: Short for Georgina.
  • Grete: Nordic variant of Margarita.
  • Groa: refers to the word “planter”.
  • Gry: means “sunrise” in Norwegian.
  • Gudrun: Norwegian feminine name meaning “secret story of God”.
  • Guri: it means “adorable”.
  • Haldis: means “helper”.
  • Halfrida: means “average beauty”.
  • Halla: means “protected”.
  • Hallgerda: also means “protected”.
  • Hanne: Norwegian short form of Johanne.
  • Hesketh: comes from hestre, which means “on horseback”.
  • Hildegunn: means “warrior woman”.
  • Hildur: name of one of the Valkyries.
  • Hulda: means “hidden”.
  • Idunna: is “the mistress”.
  • Ingemar: means “from the sea”.
  • Ingibjorg: Norwegian name that means that she’s under the protection of the god Ing-Freyr.
  • Ingunn: means “loved by the god Froy”.
  • Janne: short for Johanna.
  • Jord: means “daughter of the night”.
  • Jorunn: refers to “the bosses of love”.
  • Katja: derived from Katya.
  • Katrine: Norwegian variant of Catalina.
  • Kirby: refers to the “people of the Church”.
  • Kirsten: Norwegian form of Cristina.

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Listed from L to Z

Finally, our final selection. Keep reading!

  • Lena: short for Magdalena or Helena.
  • Lene: means “distinguished”.
  • Linnea: means “linden”.
  • Lise: variant of the German name Liese, which means “God is my oath”.
  • Liv: means “life”.
  • Magna: means “strong”.
  • Maja: Norwegian variant of the Russian name Maia.
  • Mette: diminutive of Margarita.
  • Mildri: means “lovely”.
  • Noma: means “destiny”.
  • Oda: means “point”.
  • Odd: variant of Oda.
  • Oddny: means “new place”.
  • Ragna: name of the Norwegian goddess of war.
  • Ragnfrid: means “lovable goddess”.
  • Ragnilde: means “goddess”.
  • Rica: short for Erica, which means “strong forever”.
  • Rona: form of the name Runa.
  • Ronnaug: means “woman of the house”.
  • Rune: Norwegian name meaning “mighty force”.
  • Shelby: means “willow”.
  • Sigrid: is “the one who conquers”. Perfect for your girl, right?
  • Silje: means “musical”.
  • Sissa: diminutive of Cecilia
  • Sissel: Norwegian form of Cecilia.
  • Snotra: means “she who has discipline”.
  • Solveig: means “woman of the house”.
  • Svanhile: means “swan”.
  • Thorberta: means “the brilliance of Thor”.
  • Thorgunn: means “Thor’s fighter”.
  • Torhild: feminine name that means “battle of Thor”.
  • Thorir: comes from the name of the god Thor.
  • Toril: form of Torhild.
  • Torney: means “new”.
  • Tove: means “good”.
  • Trine: is the term to define what is “pure”.
  • Trude: means “strong”.
  • Uald: means “boss”.
  • Ulla: variant of the name Ulrik.
  • Unne: means “love”.
  • Valda: means “rules”.
  • Yule: means “born on Christmas”.
  • Yulene: variant of Yule.
  • Ylva: means “wolf”, from the old Norse ulf which means “wolf”.
A Norwegian town in winter.

Norwegian names for girls and more alternatives

We hope that within this list you’ve found the perfect name for your little girl. But if you haven’t already, we’re going to offer you more options.

Just as Norwegian myths and legends have given us hundreds of names, you can explore other lists from other cultures, such as Welsh or Celtic cultures. You also have other funnier searches like names inspired by literature or with Disney characters.

The most important thing is that you know that on our site you’ll find hundreds of names. So get the family together and let the search begin!

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