8 Tips for Connecting With Your Baby

8 Tips for Connecting With Your Baby

Last update: 05 March, 2018

Although it may seem complicated, connecting with your baby is an action that you can carry out every day without even realizing it.

From the first moment you communicate with him to understand his signals, you are establishing a strong bond. This also occurs when you meet his needs, transmit love, feed and take care of him and provide security.

Establishing this deep connection with him is fundamental to his growth. In addition to making him feel protected and safe, he can grow happy. In case you are not performing any of the actions mentioned below, it is important that you begin to put them into practice to strengthen your bond.

Tips for Connecting with Your Baby

As we discussed earlier, many times we perform actions to connect with our baby without even knowing we are doing it. However, we may not be performing some that are also vital to strengthen our bond with our child.

Here are some of the most important ways to connect with your baby:

Address his demands

It is important that you tend to his demands as often as possible. This can be to calm the baby when he starts crying, to feed him when he is hungry, to change his diaper when needed, to pay attention to him, and to sing to him to relax. Always be there for him when he needs you.

8 Tips for Connecting With Your Baby

Rock him

Babies often cry for different reasons. One way to calm him down and help him relax is to gently rock him in your arms. You can also do this when he is sleepy. This action will help him to feel calmer in both cases.

Physical contact

Caresses, kisses and hugs are very important ways to express our love for our baby and strengthen the bond even more.

Also, it is important to find the right moment to perform massages, as these will provide security, tranquility, tenderness and love.

On an emotional level, the warmth of the mother’s body provides a sense of security, comfort and attachment to the child.

Read and sing to him

Although he will not understand at first, reading him some stories will help him start talking much faster, stimulate his taste in reading and create a unique moment for you both.

Singing while sitting with him on your lap or when he is about to sleep is also an excellent way to strengthen your connection.

Bath time

A bath helps stimulate your baby’s senses, relaxes him and, as he grows up, offers a source of entertainment. While you are bathing him, you can establish a visual connection with him, talk to him, play with some bath toys or make the water fall over his body.


Although babies cannot understand what we say, they can understand our tone of voice, our expression and our smiles. That is why it is very important to be careful with the tone of voice we use toward him. It must be soft and pleasant.

In the same way, it is fundamental to smile at him whenever possible. Gestures are a very practical way of connecting with your baby.

8 Tips for Connecting With Your Baby

Imitate the babbling sounds of your baby

Each time you get your baby’s attention and interact with him, you will be stimulating his senses. As he begins to imitate the way you communicate, he shows how important you are to him.

By imitating his sounds, you can do the same. In addition, you will be creating a solid foundation where you will build a permanent and healthy attachment.

Breastfeeding and the emotional bond

This is one of the most vital times to connect with your baby. Experts agree that breastfeeding helps establish a strong bond with your baby.

On an emotional level, the heat of the mother’s body provides a sense of security, comfort and attachment to the child.

Breastfeeding and the emotional bond are two mechanisms that promote the survival of the newborn. This is what allows him to obtain protection, shelter and food.

Therefore, it is very important to understand these needs and try to satisfy them. These form the basis of a secure attachment relationship between the baby and his mother.

Thus, maternal care and breastfeeding are the fundamental pillars of the emotional bond between mother and child.

Above all, providing love, security and attention will be essential to establish a solid connection with your child.

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