6 Useful Accessories for Breastfeeding

Correctly using and maintaining your accessories for breastfeeding is as important as the act of breastfeeding. Do you know which ones are the most important?
6 Useful Accessories for Breastfeeding

Last update: 09 January, 2019

It’s very useful to use accessories for breastfeeding. Some mothers find them to be great allies when it comes to overcoming difficulties related to breastfeeding.

It’s important to know how to properly use all of the instruments. In addition, you need to know the hygiene rules that will help keep the mother and baby healthy. These accessories save time and effort.  They also all have advantages and disadvantages.

A fundamental aspect of breastfeeding accessories is hygiene. While it’s true that mothers are always very careful about being clean, you have to be extra careful with these accessories.

Babies are exposed to certain diseases through contact with bacteria or viruses. This is because of not keeping them clean when using them.

Hygiene varies according to what the accessory is and how often you use it. You should clean them as part of a meticulous ritual. Always keep your baby’s health and well-being in mind.

Types of accessories for breastfeeding

1. Breast pump

It works like a milk extractor. You can get both manual and electrical ones. In fact, this is one of the most used accessories for breastfeeding. It’s popular among women who produce too much or too little milk.

First, it stimulates milk production. If the baby sucks and doesn’t get enough milk while feeding, they can get gassy and feel uncomfortable.

Second, it extracts extra milk for mothers who produce too much. That way, no milk is wasted. Then, they store it for the baby to drink later.

The extracted milk can also be used to prepare baby food, like purées and creams. Also, don’t forget to always sterilize the breast pump with boiled water. That way, harmful bacteria won’t accumulate.

6 Accessories for Breastfeeding

2. Liners

In general, they’re made of silicon. You can find different sizes on the market. They adapt to the mother’s nipple. However, they shouldn’t be larger than the mother’s breasts.

Usually, when women start breastfeeding, their nipples crack. This is very painful, since back in the day, there was no accessories to prevent this. Therefore, liners help protect women from this pain.

Ideally, the baby should feed directly through the nipple. This stimulates milk production in the mother.

3. Cold or hot compresses

Warm compresses are great for severe pain after breastfeeding. They help reduce pressure on the mother’s breasts. It’s a good idea to apply them a few minutes before feeding the baby. However, we don’t recommend using them if you have mastitis.

You can use cold compresses for 15 or 20 minutes to relieve milk congestion and prevent mastitis. Place a cloth on your skin as protection, otherwise the cold could burn your skin.

To make sure they’re at a good temperature, we recommend keeping them in the refrigerator.

“A fundamental aspect of breastfeeding accessories is hygiene. While it’s true that mothers are always very careful about being clean, you have to be extra careful with these accessories.”

4. Baby bottles

Using anatomical silicon bottles are good to avoid malformations in the baby’s mouth. In certain cases, mothers use them to store breast milk.

To wash them properly, always separate the nipple from the rest of the bottle. Then, submerge both parts in warm water with a very mild soap to remove any remaining food.

5. Donut-type pillows

They get their name from being round with a hollow center, making them look like donuts. These pillows are great for breastfeeding because they bring the baby up to the height of your nipple. Then, mothers don’t need to expel energy holding him.

Therefore, the mom can be relaxed, and both the mom and baby are in comfortable positions. Nowadays, it’s an essential accessory for breastfeeding.

6 Accessories for Breastfeeding

6. Breastfeeding bras

With breastfeeding bras, mothers won’t need to completely undress when breastfeeding their baby. This is because of the clasps that open the cup, leaving the nipple exposed. Therefore, mothers get extra support in terms of position and breast support.

Each of these accessories makes great contributions to new mothers. They make this beautiful and important moment much more pleasant, both for the mother and baby. Every day, companies make new improvements and launch new ones on the market.

If you’re about to become a mother, we recommend using them so your breastfeeding experience is even more wonderful.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.