The Advantages of Choosing Short Names for Children

Choosing a name for your future baby is an exciting task. You're sure to have a thousand options to consider. That's why we want to present the advantages of choosing short names for your children.
The Advantages of Choosing Short Names for Children

Last update: 20 April, 2018

Deciding on a name for your baby is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of expecting. In this article we’ll provide you with a list of short names that may inspire you.

These days, many parents are opting for shorter names for their children. This isn’t a passing craze.

While our grandparents often have two or even three long names, today parents look to be more practical.

People with longer names often choose abbreviations. Some celebrities, such as actors, have even chosen to shorten their names permanently.

It’s common to encounter people who go by “Nick” instead of Nicholas, “Ben” instead of Benjamin or “Jen” instead of Jennifer, and so on.

So now two questions remain: What’s the origin of this phenomenon and what are the advantages to giving my child a shorter name?

Why do parents abbreviate longer names or choose shorter ones?

There are various reasons behind this.

In the media, whether it be fashion, sports, culture, television or news, the names of public figures are often abbreviated. This makes the name more pleasing in editorial accounts.

The use of hypocorisms, or pet names, creates a sense of closeness or familiarity with the figure that the media mentions.

Without a doubt, the names Kim and Brad have a more penetrating effect on our minds than the names Kimberly Kardashian or Bradley Pitt.

The Advantages of Choosing Short Names for Your Children

The same thing happens with sports. When sportscasters describe the events that are occurring, it’s imperative that they be concise. 

Referring to the players with one short word, such as a nickname, first name, or last name, is much more effective

For example, very few people even know who Edson Arantes do Nascimento is. But if you mention him by his nickname, Pelé, almost anyone can tell you he’s a world-famous Brazilian soccer player.

Globalization in the modern world has led us to unify tastes in regards to just about everything… Clothes, events, aesthetics and, of course, the use of language.

As English is the universal language of communication, anglicisms appear among other languages around the world. And with these bits and pieces of the English language also appears a taste for American pop culture.

The English language is a practical language full of linguistic nuances. It should be of no surprise that longer names of people tend to be shortened.

Choosing short names for our children isn’t just a national phenomenon, but a global one. 

Advantages of choosing short names for children

Practicality can be considered a main factor when it comes to choosing a name for your future child.

So, is there any advantage for your child if you give him or her a shorter name?

This question is difficult to understand because it will depend on various factors. For example, the type of name you choose and the language of the country where you live.

In any case, we can consider the following advantages:

  • If you decide to give your child a middle name, it will be easier to call him or her by both names if they are both short.
  • The name you choose for your child should of course be one you really like. If the name is already short, then it’s less likely people will abbreviate it or come up with a nickname. So you’ll enjoy hearing the name you chose every time someone names your child.
  • If, by chance, your child becomes famous one day, a short name will already have him or her prepared for the front page!

Great short names for boys

Below is a list of some short names for boys and girls that are adjustable to various languages.


  • Ivan
  • Noah
  • Eli
  • Otto
  • Caleb
  • Owen
  • Gael
  • Lucas
  • John
  • Ian
  • Yves
  • Saul
  • Ciro
  • Mark
  • Vito
  • Alan
  • John
  • Paul
  • Esra
  • Martin
The Advantages of Choosing Short Names for Your Children


  • Eva
  • Dora
  • Anna
  • Rita
  • Zoe
  • Mia
  • Gala
  • Emma
  • Pia
  • Olga
  • Uma
  • Ruth
  • Lola
  • Bella
  • Hazel
  • Chloe
  • April
  • Leah
  • Elsa
  • Esther

So now you have some ideas for short names for your baby and the reason behind their popularity.

Let your imagination fly and enjoy the beautiful task of choosing a name for your future child .

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.