What Should Your Baby Changing Table Be Like?

What Should Your Baby Changing Table Be Like?

Last update: 24 June, 2018

The birth of a child always entails many expenses. Clothes, diapers and food take up a good part of our income, as well as big purchases such as the crib or baby changing table.

If we’re fortunate then we’ll have the help of our friends and family, who will often buy us some of these things and give us advice.

Some of the most frequent questions of first-time parents are in relation to the baby’s changing table. Sometimes it can seem like a rather insignificant item due to the simplicity of its use.

Unfortunately, many people ignore a lot of important things that should be considered about this item, which can cause problems later on.

In the same way we take certain factors into account when choosing the bed or the crib, we shouldn’t be any less diligent with respect to the baby’s changing table.

We need to realize that it’s an important element, with several safety regulations which should be considered and adhered to.

What should a baby’s changing table have?

According to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, the times we change our baby’s diaper are more complex than they might seem. They are times of togetherness and bonding, in which the child feels protected and comfortable.

Because of this, we should follow a series of recommendations with regard to this element.

What Should Your Baby Changing Table Be Like?

The shape

It shouldn’t be too high, as this could cause discomfort for parents. Ideally, it should have slightly raised sides and be wide. This will protect the child in case of sudden movements.

If the changing table has wheels, then we need to ensure the brakes are enabled when we’re changing the baby.

The accessories

The choice of accessories depends on the parents’ needs. Many choose them according to the space they have available at home; others take into account their financial situation.

Whatever the case, the tables with compartments are very useful in order to avoid you having to go and get things you need while changing the child.

The size

As with the accessories, the size is also a matter of taste. Some are very small and others are the size of a large piece of furniture, depending on the space you have available in the room.

Be that as it may, this is not a vital factor in order for it to be perfectly functional.


Safety is one of the most important points. The changing table must be certified and comply with all the necessary regulations.

When you look for information regarding these changers, always consult places you feel you can trust, and which have items of good quality.

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The parent’s height

It may seem obvious, but many parents don’t consider this. The height should be such that the parents can carry out the changing comfortably. Beware of tables that are excessively high or low.

What Should Your Baby Changing Table Be Like?


Its surface should be neither too soft nor too hard. It shouldn’t change its shape or cause any discomfort to the baby when you change their diaper or their clothes.

It’s very important for it to be stable, in order to avoid any sort of accident. It must also be very resistant, as it has to last from two to three years.

Types of changing tables

Keep in mind that there are innumerable types of changing tables, which can suit the different needs and tastes of the parents. Some aren’t a table at all – just a small mat, ideal for those who don’t have much space at home.

Others are inflatable mattresses, very useful for parents who travel often. In this case, the only problem is stability, as it can tend to be quite unstable. It’s advisable to use them only from time to time, and only when there is no other option.

There are also bathtub-changing tables, as well as those that double as tables or chests of drawers. These are the most popular, as they are firm and safe.

They usually meet the established standards and regulations, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs.


In addition to the aforementioned safety regulations, we need to ask some other questions. The most important one is related to need.

A changing table for our baby isn’t always necessary, especially if we take into account that we’re going to use it for a relatively short time.

We should consider the option of a multifunctional one. In this way it will still be useful when the child is older.

We must also be aware that the purchase of a baby’s changing table can become an outlay of money that can often be avoided. Each family is different, with their own needs and demands.

We shouldn’t just do what everyone else does, but should instead focus on what is most suitable and necessary for us and our situation.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.