My Baby Wants to Be Carried All The Time!

If a baby wants to be carried all the time, it can be rather stressful for the mother. However, your child really does need your attention in order to feel protected and loved. To help relieve your frustration, we've got some ideas and practical tips for you in today's article.
My Baby Wants to Be Carried All The Time!

Last update: 16 September, 2018

The truth is that carrying your baby in your arms is something very natural. Your baby really does need it. It’s one of the main ways of strengthening the bond between parents and children. Your baby wants to be carried all the time because he feels safer and more protected in your arms.

The problem is that we quite simply don’t have the time to be carrying them constantly in our arms. That’s why today we’ll address a question you’ve probably asked yourself many a time: “What on earth can I do if my baby wants to be carried all the time?”

How can I do the housework if my baby wants to be carried all the time?

Babies do need attention. But h ow can you balance doing the housework with carrying your baby all the time? Here are some suggestions that you can hopefully apply in your particular situation.

The simplest solution is to take advantage of the moments when your little one is asleep. By doing this you’ll be able to get all your work done without a problem. The downside here is that when he’s sleeping you might also want to get some rest!

A good option is to buy a baby carrier. With this accessory, you’ll have your hands free to work away. And, at the same time, your baby will receive the affection that he so needs.

It’s important to point out that you should, at all costs, avoid using the baby carrier when cooking. You would be putting your child considerably at risk by doing so.

An advantage of the baby carrier is that when you go for a walk it’ll be a lot more comfortable for you, especially if you have to carry lots of things.

At what point does a baby need to become independent?

During his first months of life, your baby needs to be in your arms to feel protected and loved. However, as he grows, it’s important to  teach him to be a little more independent and to fend for himself.

For example, if he’s already 1 or 2 years old, you shouldn’t go and attend to him as soon as he cries. If you do, then he’ll just think that he can control you with a simple cry.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re going to ignore your baby completely. He still needs your protection and care. However, you have to avoid over-protection and over-dependence.

My Baby Wants to Be Carried All The Time!

How to achieve it?

It’s a bit difficult if your baby just wants to be in your arms and doesn’t adapt to the crib or the stroller. Not only that, he’s getting heavier and, to top it off, he doesn’t want anyone else to hold him!

Don’t worry! W ith patience and time, you’ll help your baby become more independent.

“A good option is to buy a baby carrier. With this accessory, you’ll have your hands free to work away happily”

Get rid of the idea that your baby doesn’t understand

Babies and young children are very intelligent and can understand very well what you’re teaching them. Just simply explain to them that mom is busy and they have to be patient and wait for you to finish her tasks. Or that mom is exhausted and needs a break!

Maybe they won’t listen to you at first and will complain a lot. This is because they still haven’t developed self-control. Even so, don’t give in. You’re teaching them the very important lesson that they have to think of other people too, and not always be the center of attention.

This doesn’t mean you have to be rude to your children. You can teach them that they can feel safe even though they aren’t so close to you physically.

Here are some ways of achieving this goal:

  • Let Dad look after him too.
  • Invite other people you trust to your house to play with him.
  • Give him colorful, noisy toys, and he’ll learn to have fun with them.
  • Give him a piece of fruit or a biscuit, and that will calm him down for a while.
  • Let him move around the house, either in the walker or crawling. Remember that you must take the necessary precautions, so that your children aren’t in danger while they’re getting to know their surroundings.
My Baby Wants to Be Carried All The Time!

What if my baby just wants to be in my arms when going for a walk?

Children love going out. They love feeling free to learn and explore new things and environments. And so, if your baby wants to be carried when you’re out for a walk, then it’s probably a symptom of tiredness.

That’s why you always have to plan your trips well. If not, your child will probably be so tired that you’ll have to carry him around in your arms the whole time. You’ll end up just as tired as he is.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Before going out, pack enough water and food in your backpack. This will give your child more energy to play.
  • Take toys or objects like a ball to entertain him outdoors.
  • If he still hasn’t started walking, then make sure you have the stroller with you. This is also useful for those who have already taken their first steps. If they wear themselves out then they’ll be able to rest, and you’ll be able to bring them back home in it.

Lastly, remember that if your little baby wants to be carried in your arms all the time, then he probably needs it. Offer him all the love he deserves and, little by little, teach him to be more independent.


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