23 Basque Names for Girls

One of the first challenges parents face before their child is born is choosing a name. Family traditions and trends strongly influence the decision. Here are some Basque names to help you pick a name for your little one!
23 Basque Names for Girls

Last update: 17 November, 2018

It’s really exciting to find out that you’re having a baby girl and start thinking about what you want to name her. Yet choosing a baby name can be a huge challenge. Basque names for girls are very original and have great meanings.

Nowadays, choosing unique and original names is very trendy, especially in foreign languages. Many people like names in Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Greek or Arabic. Following this trend, Basque names are becoming more and more popular as well.

If you’d like to consider Basque names for your daughter, you’ll find helpful information in this article. You’ll learn a little more about Basque’s beautiful culture. In addition, there are lots of legends and mysteries that come with it.

The Basques have their roots in Eskimos who fled to find a better climate to live in. They used to be nomads, and they worshipped animals and gods. The Basque language, Euskera, doesn’t have a clear origin, although it’s considered a pre-Indo-European language.

This culture has some beautiful names that girls can wear with great pride. They’re unique and have magnificent meanings. If you want something non-traditional, Euskera names for girls are a great route.

Basque names for girls

Check out the following options. You’ll surely love them!

  • Ainara: It means “bird,” specifically “swallow” and represents the arrival of spring. This name is based on Christian traditions.
  • Alaitz: It comes from the name Sierra de Navarra. It can also be a derivation of “alai” which means “joy” in Euskera.
23 Basque Names for Girls
  • Aliza: Basque name meaning “happiness, jubilee” and “honest, faithful.” Girls with this name are seen as being joyful.
  • Amaya: It comes from the word “amaia” which means “the beginning of the end.” Amaya means “the desired daughter.” Carriers of this name are self-confident people who like to attract attention.
  • Arantza: Because of the devotion to the Virgin of Arantzazu, there was once a chapel in Ainhoa called Arantza.
  • Domeka: This name is the equivalent in Euskera of “Dominica.” It means “of the Lord.” It comes from the name “Domingorena” which refers to the phrase “the Sunday house.”
  • Edurne: This is a similar name to the Spanish Our Lady of the Snows. “Edur” means “snow,” typical in western Basque languages.
  • Eider: It means “very beautiful.” It’s the Euskera adaptation of the Gaelic name Eideard. It refers to a beautiful, impressive woman who shines wherever she goes.
  • Eskarne: This name comes from “eskar.” It means “grace, gratitude, mercy.”
  • Hegoa: According to Basque mythology, Hegoa is the daughter of the northeast wind and wife of the south wind, Hegoi.

“Many people like names in Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Greek or Arabic. Following this trend, Basque names are becoming more and more popular as well.”

More Basque names to choose from

  • Iraide: It’s the equivalent in Basque to “Iraida.” In fact, this name comes from Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage.
  • Itsaso: This beautiful name means “the sea and the land.” These two things are the components of life. Therefore, Basque culture admires it.
  • Izar: The name of the beautiful stars that shine bright at night. Therefore, this name means “star.”
  • Itziar: It’s one of the names that comes from proto-Basque: Formed by “iz” (sea), “i” (which means “point”) and “ar” (which means “on top”).
  • Izaskun: From proto-Basque, which means “claim.” Also, it’s the Basque term for the Virgin Mary.
  • Maitane: This name of Euskera origin means “beloved” or “love.” Women who have this name are characterized as being sensitive and affectionate.
  • Malen: This name is the diminutive of “Madelyn.” In addition, it’s the Basque equivalent of Magdalena. It means mysterious woman, secret, dynamic, and lover of nature and freedom.
  • Naroa: Basque adjective meaning “abundant, calm, or calm person.” This person is considered to be a perfectionist and powerful.
  • Nerea: This name comes from “nao” (to swim), which means “the one that commands the sea.” It’s a mythological name. Therefore, it’s the name of Nereus, the God of the Greek Sea.
  • Nekane: It’s the Basque form of Dolores. It comes from the Euskera “neké” which means “sorrow” and “pain.” In fact, it’s one of the most common Basque names.
23 Basque Names for Girls
  • Zohardi: This name means “clear sky.” Women with this name are calm. They also speak in a relaxing way to everyone that listens to them.
  • Zorione: It comes from the word “zorion” which means “happiness.”
  • Zuri: Female name in Euskera meaning “white.” Girls with this name are usually independent, self-sufficient, transparent, sincere and faithful.

In conclusion, Basque names for girls can be excellent options to consider when picking out a name. Their special sounds, spelling and intense meanings make them great choices. In addition, they’re both original and beautiful.

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